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Chivalry is not Dead

Chivalry Is Not Dead...great fun and well worth a play! You may have heard of it before but ah well :P I'm ripping the following from my blog (with necessary link corrections) as I want to play it again!

Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun I have just enjoyed the joys of Chivalry Is Not Dead a lovely little point and click mini-rpg adventure game. Involving multiple possible plots, multiple possible endings, and multiple possible meanings, this game is well worth having a go at.

It tells a story that you control, you can chose where you want to go with the game. Do you want to do battle for good or for evil? Is good really good and is evil really evil? Questions questions so many questions!

There are some really funny jokes, some not so funny, and while the dialogue may dwindle away to nothing-ness with some characters after a bit, you actions can change everything.

Reminded me of Masque in some ways, and that most certainly <em>is</em> a good thing.

Check it out (for free) here.

Originally posted on my blog
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