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Weird game buying habits

So I preordered Valkyria Chronicles today. Been looking foward to it for awhile, but that preorder bonus artbook really sealed the deal when it came the putting down some money in advance. But the problem? I don't have a PS3. Yet with this ...


Subbed Game Center CX

Well, this bit of news caught me by suprise. Apparently two subbed episodes of Game Center CX (or Retro Game Master as they seem to be calling it now) will be shown at the upcoming New York Asian Film Fest. Details here (scroll down). I cau...


Albatross18, anyone?

Albatross18 (aka Pangya) finally got a new course today, so I got around to playing it again. Any others here play it? While I think it's way fun, there honestly aren't as many courses as I'd like. It gets boring when you've played them al...



Hello, new member here. Like many others I joined for the Etrian Odyssey contest. I enjoy drawing, writing and playing video games, so I'll probably stick around after the contest ends to ramble on about other games I play. Etrian Odyssey ...


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