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Superheroes use Nextel?

So it has come to my attention, that after playing inFamous for a little bit, (I have gotten to the second island, the Warren), that Cole so far likes to talk to his friends a lot. For a bike messenger to communicate, while free running or riding a bicycle, he would need some sort of quick form of communication, and it would seem befitting to have a cellphone that has a one touch access while he out in a hurry to deliver a package.

This in turn has lead me to believe that Cole is a Nextel wireless cellular user. For example when you are making a "call" or even receive an incoming call, there is that familiar "chirp" that is synonymous the Nextel phones. The next most identifiable thing about the cellphone itself, is animation with which Sucker Punch used to have Cole push the button, just a simple one button press for when he speaks and when he ends the call. Oh, and lets us not forget that the Nextel phones have always had a reputation for being durable, able to survive drops, toilet bowls, and throws out the window. Cole's phone somehow managed to survive a bomb explosion.

In fact it would seem that just about every person that Cole speaks to in the game, while over his phone seem to have some sort of Nextel device. When Trish or Zeke call Cole, their voice would always be heard after that ever familiar "chirp." I just find it fascinating that Sucker Punch decided on this particular cellphone service. Could they have just decided on a generic made up cellular service, like Rockstar did in Grand Theft Auto IV? Or heck, even Saints Row 2. Instead they opted for essentially a real world correlation to a wireless carrier.

Is this a strike against the game? Certainly not. Am I just making things up, or just interpreting the use the cellphone the wrong way? Perhaps I am. But I wager to those who have played the game at least even for a little, bit see the similarities?
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