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RANT: Fairness, when brutal, is stil f'n fairness.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I never feel the need to do this again.

I believe wholeheartedly that Destructoid is a place to voice one's opinions, freely and without question. People have the full capability and the inalienable right to disagree with something, anything, everything written by someone else here - blogger, commenter, reviewer and editor alike. I absolutely love that about this place. I believe that single fact makes Dtoid infinitely better than everywhere else on the entire vast scope of the charted interwebs.

So, without further ado, let me present my case:

On MkShiranui's blog entry about sequel development, I decided to note a recurring theme about what I felt was an almost continuous tie-in into Okami. I do not mind that this individual in particular decides to do this, and to be frank, I don't care that much. I love the game as well, what with my taking the time to find all of the stray beads and hidden brush techniques being a very clear indicator of how much I played the living hell out of that game. What I do mind is this: when I put a comment on his blog entry, it seemed to break his heart in some incalculable way.

This is what I said, and I quote:
"I just wish you would write something that wasn't Okami-related. I loce the game to death too, but at least I can go one blog post or comment without mentioning the game (maybe you're not THAT bad, but you're borderline).

Expand your horizons. Quickly. Other than that, nice writeup."

I didn't attack him. If you want to see an attack, go read ANY of Jim Sterling's near-legendary fights versus the videogame fanboys of the universe. In fact, I gave him the benefit of the doubt (see: "maybe you're not THAT bad") and even a pat on the back for a great job nonetheless (see: "Other than that, nice writeup."). Does any of this get through or even noted? No. Am I allowed to speak my own mind freely, regardless of personal feelings? Evidently not, and now, I shall show the proof of such - an email sent to me via PM on this site, something I probably shouldn't show, but feel downright fucking COMPELLED to do:

Re: A Letter to the Developer on Sequel Development

I want you to stop making these comments on my blogs.

The fact is I write about what inspires me, and I use what I know about gaming to support them. This happens to be Okami a large amount of the time. There is nothing wrong with that.

I'm finding it annoying that you accuse me of being obsessive and single-minded when it appears most of the community has no real problem with this. If it bothers you, don't read my work. That's your choice.

I'm sending this to you because I don't think it's fair to call you out in public, but I will change my mind if that changes.

We all write about what inspires us, that is why this site exists, if I'm not mistaken. I wasn't making a personal attack on this individual in question. And yes, in fact, there is nothing "wrong" with what he's doing. I didn't outright accuse him of a Goddamn thing, last time I checked, and in no way did I ever use the words "obsessive and single-minded." In fact, I checked myself at the door and said, "maybe you're not THAT bad." As in, "just sayin'." Most of the community hasn't attacked him, myself included, if any rational viewpoint is to be trusted. I just stated a point, an honest opinion that I believed I had, and opinions by their very nature are a luxury afforded to us all, and this site encourages that (thank God/Buddha/Whoever). But to ask me not to make a comment on a blog that is meant for people to read and therefore DISCUSS what was written is akin to asking me not to breathe the same air as them. It comes off as very petty and asinine, a shallow knee-jerk reaction to someone who can't take the slightest form of criticism, regardless of its positive/negative polarity.

What really burns me up is to say that it's not fair to call me out in public, as if it'll somehow lessen the blow of being told not to exercise my fair and God-given right to speak my mind, ESPECIALLY on a site that promotes this very activity. And what's worse: to be told in the same sentence that they'll "change their mind" on it, as if their opinion of what I said should somehow hold sway with the great cosmic entity that is and ever will be to somehow affect my ability to write or not write what I see fit? I tell you, some people...

I wasn't making this personal. I never made this personal. Now, MkShiranui, you have made it personal. Get off of your high-horse, then take the next step and climb down from your ivory tower, and then finish that up with a small, delectable slice of humble pie. I made it myself.

Now, can we go back to being civil?
- EL
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