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Monthly Musings: The Forgotten - THE GUARDIAN LEGEND


Well, it must be about that time to call over that weird German foreign exchange student that you know- because I can't understand a single damn bit of this shit. One mistake - and you're screwed.

Take a look at the above image. Does it look like English, Japanese, Dutch, German, or the ancient speak of demon folk in the 6th level of Hell? My money's on either the 4th or 5th option. Seriously, this password system is needlessly unforgiving on so many levels. Progress in a game shouldn't have to be fucking encrypted to this degree. I bet banks use this password system, especially Swiss banks. What sucked even more is screwing it up - then you've got to backtrack through thirty-two characters to see where you mistook an "o" for a capital "O" or a "0" (zero). Or, it may have been a lowercase "o," but it didn't have its all-important umlaut attached, so no dice for you, son. Start the fuck over.

Which is almost preferable to putting in the goddamn thing in the first place.

All in all, the game is completely worth playing, by any means necessary. I'd say to pick up the cart just for the sake of buying the actual game, but if you do decide to emulate it, I won't hate on you - the magic of savestates never met a game more deserving of its purpose, since its password system is an unabashed tool of the devil. Everything else, however - is divine. Play it at all costs. And hope that some developer/publisher has enough sense to remake this game, if it's done right, we could have a true genre breaker on our hands. It'd be something to remember, rather than forget...which is what I fear has happened to a game that deserved a fair share of the spotlight for trying to be everything to everyone - and actually pulling it off.
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