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10 Sequels I Would Like to See

We all have sequels that we wish to see come out. Here are ten that I would like to see come out that have either not been announced yet, or that have been briefly mentioned without any update in a while. So I present to you, 10 games I would love to see sequels for, in no particular order.

Star Tropics 3

I used to have own the original cartridge back in the day. I got my hopes up that a sequel would be popping up after it was released on the VC, but Iím pretty sure that isnít going to happen anymore. I know Star Tropics 2 came out, but we have gone way too long without the next game in this franchise. The game was basically a more action oriented, less open world Zelda set in present day. If Nintendo can find some way to intuitively control a yo-yo with the Wii Remote, than this game could really be the bees knees!

F-Zero DS

Again, a game that I have been a fan of since the original. Now, I realize that the GC and Wii are pretty close in terms of graphical power, so we wouldnít really get much more in terms of visuals than we did out of F-Zero GX. The Wii Remote is nowhere near accurate enough for such twitch racing as the GC controller was. So what I say is this: make a DS game, complete with online and if possible, a track editor. Hell, simply port the N64 game and tweak the controls a bit so the analogue stick isnít necessary, and you will have me sold!

Syphon Filter PS3

The first Syphon Filter was amazing. It contained some of the best level design Iíve seen in a game. Honestly, I would love to see a remake of this, complete with updated controls and visuals. At the same time, Bend really left us hanging with that ending of Loganís Shadow, so I think just to complete the story, they really have to get cracking on that. Rumor has it that they started working on a PS3 sequel, but nothing really has been shown. Hurry up! ;)

Resident Evil 6

Yes, RE5 was only released a year ago, and the DLC just came out. I have yet to play RE5, as I just made the jump to the current gen, but I did love every canon RE game before it. As wonderful as RE4 was, I would love to see RE6 return to the original style of gameplay. Imagine something like REmake or RE0, but in full 1080p. I probably would shit my pants.

Leisure Suit Larry 8: Lust in Space

No, those crappy 3D ones donít count. I want the real prince of polyester, the original lovable loser, not his dumbass nephew that canít seem to get laid even on a college campus. What I want even more than that, however, is to get Al Lowe back. That man is the heart and soul of the series. I can just hear the jazz track in my head right now, as I fail with yet another womanÖ I learned all I know about picking up chicks from Larry Laffer, and I can still use some more tips!

Earthworm Jim 4

EWJ3D was a joke, apparently. I never played it. So lets go back to the roots and make it 2D. Make it a Wii Ware, PSN, XBLA, whatever; just bring back Jim and some of the most original design Iíve ever seen. It had a boss named Professor Monkey-for-a-Head, for crying out loud! I want Psycrow back. I want to kill Queen Slug-for-a-butt again. I want to face Evil the Cat while listening to elevator music. Yes, this is basically asking for a remake of the first game, but only in terms of characters. Whoever owns this license, hire Doug and David back on and make this happen!

Blast Corps

Why this never received a sequel, Iíll never know. I mean, the entire point of the game was to destroy shit with a bunch of trucks, tractors, and robots for crying out loud! Bringing this to any current system, from the DS to the 360, would be a guaranteed hit.

San Francisco Rush

This series had some of the best arcade racing ever. Crazy physics, insane shortcuts, and, with 2049, wings to improve your stunts! Keep it futuristic like 2049 just to make it as creative as possible. And remember to make it like an adventure game, with little goodies hidden all over the place. With Midway gone as we know it, I doubt this will happen, but you never knowÖ


Ahhh, the NES classic jeep game. Now imagine a current gen update with this. Driving around in a jeep, rescuing POWs, running over enemy infantry, shooting from your unlimited machine gun, blasting missiles. Two player co-op available via online or split screen. This has been done in numerous games, but nobody has made a complete game out of the concept since Jackal. It would be amazing.

Castlevania Collection

Iím cheating with this one. I donít want another sequel. What I do want is a portable compilation of all the early games in the series, up to SotN or RoB. It could be on the PSP or DS. I know, it isnít anything spectacular, but admit it, you would totally buy this. No need for any fancy graphical upgrade or anything, just release it so I can play it on the go.
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