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10 Sequels I Would Like to See

We all have sequels that we wish to see come out. Here are ten that I would like to see come out that have either not been announced yet, or that have been briefly mentioned without any update in a while. So I present to you, 10 games I wou...


My Expertise: Having Fun and Being Entertained!!!

Video games are a wonderful form of entertainment. Whether it is a free flash game you are playing, or a $60 MMO with a subscription fee, the amount of entertainment per dollar one gets out of video games is practically unrivaled. Even if t...


On horror video games and movies

Right as October hits, I almost always dig right into scary movies and video games. It's only the fourth of the month, and I have already busted out the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Eternal Darkness, and my "demo" of Undead Knights. I'...


My first experience with Sony's Media Go program

I have a PSP-2000. It's a great little system. But with all this hoopla about Sony's new direction, I thought I would finally check out their digital distribution thingy. I have never downloaded anything for my PSP. No custom firmware, noth...


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