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Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 18: The Nacho Man

The cheese. The cheese just rises to the top. With us today are: Robin, Jonathan, Chad, Swishiee, Everett, and the Nacho Man. Music is Love for Sale by the Talking Heads. SUBSCRIBE HERE:


Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 17: Hold the DaPhone

This is it guys. This is the one you've all been waiting for. Get ready for the darkest recording yet. Also, Jim Sterling, please don't sue us. With us today are: Jonathan. John, Robin, Everett, and Swishiee. I don't know what t...


Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 14: Community Fistacular

HAVE YOU SEEN MY PENIS? THIS IS MOST AMAZING EPISODE. LIKE IT YOU FUCKERS. WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME???????? With us today are: Jonathan, John, Chad, Colton, Everett, and special community guest: Jeff (Beartato,) Josh (Brassman,) Mark...


Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 12: Have You Been to BowieWorld?

David Bowie is coming out with a new album soon. With us today are Johnathan, Chad, Colton, Robin, and Everett. Music is Heroes by David Bowie. SUBSCRIBE HERE:


Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 11: Fuck It, I Love Bill Murray

Shiny kittens must define us. Welcome to infinity, my lovelies. It is a new year. A year for rejoice. A Year for Juice. With us today are: Robin, Chad, Colton, and Everett. Music is White Waking by Les Rallizes Dénudés. SUBS...


Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 10: The Green Ranger Is a Mary Sue

HAPPY TIME OF THE YEAR. IT IS THAT TIME. THE TIME OF FAMILY. THE TIME OF CHRIST RISING FROM THE ASHES LIKE A MAJESTIC PHOENIX. With us today are: Everett, Colton, Jonathan, Robin, Marcus "Puzzle Body," and a special festive guest Mus...


Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 9: The Best Episode Yet

ARE YOU READY FOR ACTION? ARE YOU READY FOR SUSPENSE. DON'T VOMIT DUE TO ANTICIPATION, WE'RE HERE TO GIVE YOU JUST WHAT YOU NEED. With us today are: Colton, John, Jonathan, and Everett. Music is Nippon no Gamu by Everett and Col...


Taco Tuesdays Extrasode #2: Grandfather

Everett has an intimate discussion with his grandfather. SUBSCRIBE HERE: AND HERE:


Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 6: Photography Is a Lot Like Heroin

Welcome one and all to the freakshow. DO YOU WANT TO WATCH THEM SUFFER? DIVIDED AND DRAWN STAND THE MEN OF PERILOUS FATE! With us today are: Jonathan, John, Chad, Everett, and Robin joins in later but whatever. SUBSCRIBE HERE: ht...


Taco Tuesdays Extrasode #1: The Secretaries

Colton and Everett talk about nothing. Also, things are said. Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Podbean:


Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 5: Cock Rock (ft. Swishiee)



Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 3: Taco Bell Spooktacular

Boo! Did we scare you! Yes, yes we did scare you. Now listen to our frightening podcast, IF YOU DARE! With us today are some guys in costumes who are pretty scary. Music is Satan Takes a Holiday by Anton LaVey. Subscribe to us o...


Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 1: Copyrighting Racism

Here it is everyone, NeverCare Studios' official podcast! From the makers of the acclaimed video game Child Wrangler, comes something pleasurable for your ear holes. With us this week are: Jonathan, Robin, Chad, Colton, and Everett. ...


The Art Gallery 6/28/2012

Welcome children. Are you ready for a sensual treat. One that will tingle and tickle your feet. It's time for an adventure. Back to The Art Gallery All These Corgis The Willem Dafoe Birds Whedon Nope Jim Cakeling The Real...


The Art Gallery (Formerly: Holmes Related Artwork)

NOTE: The Art Gallery will now be posted in weekly or biweekly installments. As such, it has a new title. A new veneer if you will. Shinier, with a hard, fresh coat of durable latex. Guaranteed to tickle your protruding extremities. ...


Holmes Related Artwork (3rd Strike)

It's that time again my friends. The journey shall never end. Take a trip, once more, to the ART GALLERY. Yarnathan Holmes Cool Christmas Perfect Pizza Chicken Chungus The Real Chicken Chungus The Podtoid Crusaders And ...


Holmes Related Artwork (Round Two)

I see you are back, well, you're back just in time. I've cooked up something new for you, and only you. So here's something special, just a little taste, baby. Holmescat Appleholmes Dr. Jonathan Holmes Jonathan Holmes: #1 Child...


Holmes Related Artwork

Yesterday, I happened upon an inspirational retweet provided by Jim Sterling. It contained this picture: It sparked a deep creativity inside of my penile, uterus soul. I had to make Jonathan into more than just a man. Here's a gallery ...


Muddy Buddy (ft. Jonathan Holmes & Jim Sterling)

Web link Check it out ^ Hey everybody, I know I haven't posted a new Cblog in quite a while. Sorry for the shortness of the post, I just wanted to introduce a musical piece I composed. It's a Techno/Industrial song sampling Podtoid ...


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