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Why John Travolta is the Worst Character in Battleship Earth

Battleship Eartrh is a great book adeptation eggscept for one flaw, despite the geographical mistakes.

John travolta is a great actor but this film was not for him. all he did was curse and talk about gay shit through the entire film. Forest Whitaker kept it real with a much more badass (haha ass) tone. John travolta just sounded like a whiney little alien bitch! I mean come on, I've seen much more convincing bad guy aliens than that. I really hate how he says muther fucker, it doesn't sound convincing at all. Yeah I'm gonna be intimidated by a gay old alien fuker with wrinkles. Example: Travolta in on scene says "I'll track you down forest whitaker and I'll fuck you in your human ass muther fucker," but not with a convincing sound.
Sorry for cursing (butt no really, haha I said butt!)

Overall Forrest Gump good but not john travolta, his acting just wasn't superior to berry Peppah. Pulp fiction is where travolta plays a good bad guy, even in urban coybow, but not this.

GREAT FILM THOUGH, despite that one flaw

Thanks for reading guys! I'll be posting blogs relentlessly and with no consideration for people with something interesting to say.
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