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EUFNF 22/5/09: BRAWL FORTRESS 2 Edition


Man last Friday was boring without being able to do EUFNF. Luckily I picked up SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWWWWWWLLLLLLL and only one year late. There's also TF2 which is free this weekend but I don't know what the Euros are doing. I just assume they will go into the brbuninstalling.com servers like Bunny said he would. The best thing you could do is come into Dtoid IRC as I'm sure something will be arranged in there. So while details aren't concrete on that, I'll post the details for Super Smash Bros Brawl. You'll need Skype and then you'll need to add JGibbo08 to your friends. Then I'll invite you into a Skype conference so that we can all talk during our brawlings. Worst case scenario it's just me and Wilbo. As for all the friend codes bullshit, my SSBB one is 4039-3022-0646. Post yours in here or on Skype chat later on so that I'll be able to add you. I'm not sure how it all works since the only other Wii game I played online was Mario Strikers Charged! Football so I'll just go with the flow. Finally, that starts at 10PM GMT as usual. Hope to see you tonight and if you want to host something, then just comment with the details since that's what some people have done anyway without me even asking for hosts.

(PS: Melee announcer > Brawl announcer)
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