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EUFNF 02/10/09: Old School Edition


This picture is old school, dating all the way back to 2008. It's also the best Halo 3 picture I've ever took, as it looks like the Elite (The Young Scot) has created a fart so powerful that it has killed the guy behind him. You can also watch the man's recap of that night here.

Anyway, as for tonight, I'm taking a gamble and going with Halo 3. No one usually turns up these days but Halo 3 ODST came out last week so I'm risking it. If that doesn't work, then we'll have Left 4 Dead as a back up, so it's all good. Either way, to get involved, send me a message (GT JGibbo08) or post a comment saying you're playing here before 10pm GMT. Then at said time, I'll invite you to the party. Maps wise, Heroic and Cold Storage are required.

If Halo 3 isn't your cup of tea then here are some other games you can play.


Wii Friend Code

The Conduit

Mario Kart Wii


Team Fortress 2 PC (Steam ID: Corican)

Just Add me and send me a PM (Forums) if you're interested.

And as usual, if there's anything you'd like to host then post the hosting details here. See you later!
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