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#90stoid I actually don’t think I ever watched this show, but I would constantly restart a computer game that had the intro from the show. I think Hanz Zimmer wrote the music for it? Not sure, that might be B.S. either way this and Warner Brothers store


Based on the demo, Iron-Man VR is... fun? Maybe even good? I’m not sure how that happened. I might have to actually buy this. Much better than I personally expected. It truly offers full freedom of movement while in the suit. Color me impressed!


Many moons ago... (this past dtoid Christmas), someone secret Santa’d me the crown jewel of this collection. The Black Series Enfys Nest with (giant) swoop bike! I promised someone some “sweet swoop action” in a picture one day. So here we are!


Some nice PSVR news on this auspicious day! Vader Immortal Ep.1-3 are coming this summer! Shway!


Before playing Gears Tactics Etositak and I decided to play 3-5 again cuz we’ve played 1 and 2 loads of times. 3 in 3-D on a projector is a great time! We is havin a blast. I hope you all continue to find ways to reduce suffering in these times as well!


Imma need that Limited Run special edition to be announced. Like now. Please. Thank you.


I think Etositak and I just started a new holiday tradition where we marathon Descendants 1-3 while getting saucy sauced! Happy Easter everyone!


Wow, this video really got a grown ass adult cryin at 6:52 on a Thursday morning. Dafuq?


!!!! It took too long, but it’s still kinda crazy that it’s here!


Y’all goin hecka obscure, so I will too. “Silence so loud it would make your ears burst, but it was the heart that went first.”


Surprising absolutely nobody, but perhaps disappointing a few, The Grudge sucked.


Fired up a 360 to play some RockBand 2 with The Person That Lives in my House. Twas a great time! Also Phantasy Star Online 2 beta sign ups have begun!!!! It’s Xbox One exclusive and is through an app called the Xbox Insider Hub. Enjoy!


I played through ZOE again. I don’t really have much to say about it other than Viola is a really tragic character if you watch the prequel film Idolo first. This game makes me appreciate 2nd Runner which is still one of my favorite games ever.


An adorable little short film released a couple of days ago from the studio that brought us Spiderverse. If all you see is #cursedmas you might become numb to it. Gotta get some wholesome in there to reinvigorate the suffering in your soul. Enjoy!


Other than the blink and you might miss it ending, Gears 5 was pretty great! Always a good time finishing split screen games with The Person That Won’t Leave My House.


Oooh shiny! I’m just gonna put the rest in the comments.


Neat! But I feel like I’m an imposter! I’ve never completed any of them! Shhhh... don’t tell them! I still want to see the show!


Thank you secrety person!!!!! I will open it soon for that sweet swoop action! Merry Cursedmas!!!


I kinda hate Fallen Order. It’s not bad, but I don’t like how it just is Dark Souls so unabashedly. Also unless this whole fucking game is a dream sequence, enemies respawning after meditation makes no sense at all for a Star Wars game. Enjoy y’all!


Meanwhile on my one man hype train for PSVR...There is a Doctor Who VR game available on PSVR!!! When did this happen??? Super excited!


Audica is nice if your VR is limited to PlayStation. Issa good time. I spent a lot longer than I should have spinning and tossing the guns with their “trick” system. I’m your synesthesia Huckleberry...


Concrete Genie was good y’all! I was happy when it was just a game about painting walls and avoiding bullies, but when it became something more it surpassed all expectation. Amazing game.


I am happy to see that Ashley Burch continues to get roles in great games.


I woke up and thought it was Thursday! I could have been playing The Outer Worlds for hours! HOURS I tell ya! Thanks to every one who qposted about it. You have collectively saved me from my self imposed abyss!


X-Men Dark Phoenix which features a lack luster Grey/Xavier “climax”/resolution and completely wastes Jessica Chastain is a pretty okay movie. The only thing about it that REALLY bothered me is that Hair Whippy Guy was a match for Storm. Just, no.


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