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My Dull Gaming A/V Set Up, Part 2 (Now with moar games and moar pics!)

So yesterday I hopped on the "Show where you game" Bandwagon here in the c-blogs. Hamza and a few others expected a few more pics so I figured, WTF, I'll post another blog the next day. Hey, Yoj1mb0 can do a two part post, than so can I. Although his will probably be better.....

Anyway, instead of me putting a link in here or making you go back and find the blog, here's the only pic I posted yesterday:

Now, I didn't go and take pictures of the entire room or anything. No, that's not that interesting anyway. It's just a fireplace with pictures above it and all, and an end table near the couch. It's pretty basic. That, and it's filled with toys because we still haven't gotten rid of a lot of the stuff the kids no longer use. It's overflowing right now.

Here is a pic of how the A/V set-up looked today (the above pic is like 3 months old):

The Wii is currently hooked up in my basement to a 10 year old Sony 50 inch SDTV. It's a rear projection type. That's also where where the Rock Band and Guitar Hero peripherals are located. I'm too lazy to take pics of that, so perhaps another time. I took the PS3 to a friends house last night, so that's just in a duffel bag in another room right now. Anyways, you'll see my obsolete Sony MiniDisc player where the PS3 formerly was. Tonight that will be back behind the whole rig, sitting on the Yamaha Subwoofer. The rest of the speakers are basic shit, nothing special. And I mistakenly typed that I owned a 350 + 1 CD changer, but what I meant was a 150 + 1 disc changer. It has no door and no more CDs, because the kids are animals. Under the 360 and the VCR is the DVD-RW, again made by Sony. The CD Changer is underneath that. There's also an Equalizer on top of the Sony Reciever. It makes non-5.1 things sound better, especially when used in conjunction with Dolby Pro Logic 2. It's good the Wii and regular TV. And it was free, like many of the things I own.

Now, to the games:

Those aren't all my games (I'll explain shortly), but just in case you can't see, here's a few close ups of the games:

As you can see, these are all Xbox 360 titles. A few are missing, notably Call of Duty 4, The Orange Box, and Mass Effect. CoD4 and Mass Effect are being loaned out to my brother and friend respectively, and I'm not sure where The Orange Box is right now. I'm sure it's somewhere.

These are the Playstation games. Oblivion and the expansion are my wife's, I hate that game. As you can see, I don't have much. Heavenly Sword is down in storage in the basement, along with a few others from different systems. I won't play it anytime soon so why bother keeping it around my already cramped living room? And as for the lack of the original God of War or any other PS2 titles, well, those were all stolen back when I still lived with my older brother. Drugs are bad.

These are most of my Wii games. Super Mario Galaxy is being lent out to my cousin, but I think this is it otherwise. I could be missing some shit Wii game I probably bought and hated, but who knows? There you have it.

And here we have my DS and PSP. I had the silver PSP (Daxter bundle), but I traded that shit in because I really would rather have Darth Vader on it then nothing at all. I like it in white. I haven't touched the DS in ages, and most of the games are down in the basement. FF Revenant Wings is there because I still haven't played it. As for the PSP, all I've got is FF Tactics and God of War, and the latter was just lent out last night. It's a short game. But hey, I just recently found my copy of Mario Paint!!!! See it there, in all it's no-mouse glory? I wish I could play it.

And that's pretty much it. I've still got my SNES and copies of Zelda, Super Metroid, and Super Mario World, but again, they're all down in the basement nestled safely.....somewhere. As for why these games aren't nicely arranged in some sort of shelf or something? Well, the kids would destroy them. So I keep all the ones I might play upstairs, neatly stacked with all the controllers and shit, in a big filing cabinet drawer.

I've got 2 PS3 controllers, 3 Xbox 360 controllers, 4 Wii Remotes, and FUCKING 2 Wii Zappers. What a waste of fucking money those peripherals were.

Well, that's it. That's my boring collection. What do you think?
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