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Live from Windows 7 beta on my new PC, it's time for a Contest! Win some free XBLA, Wii, or PSN money! Or some classic RPGs!

Yes, it's me, EternalDeathSlayer, former troll and current Destructoid addict. I've recently been in withdrawal from lack of blogging, so I'm here to share my ultimately shallow and meaningless thoughts with you, the community. I love you all. And I'm going to spread some of that love with a little contest for you guys, but we'll get to that later. First, I'd like you to hear my thoughts on a few things. You know, just in case you're actually interested in what my pathetic, miserable excuse for a living organism has to say.

First things first: Games on Windows 7. I haven't tried any. So let's move on to some stuff I do know about. As I am not a tech guru and really don't anything about the inner workings of computer OS', all I can tell you is how it seems to run and how my system handles it. Now, as I mentioned in the title, I did recently get a new PC. A couple months back, my dad just kind of dropped one off for me. Apparently he thought the price was good and so he got my one since he knew I wanted to play PC games but couldn't justify the purchase in the eyes of my wife at this time.

Anyway, here's the rundown: It's a Gateway. Yeah, I know, they suck, whatever. Free is for me. Anyway, these are my specs:

Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 2.4 Ghz, 6 GB of RAM, 640GB Hard Drive, 19 inch Widescreen Monitor, and a PNY Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT with 1GB of RAM

I don't know if I missed anything there, but I figured those were the most important stats.

With 64-bit Windows Vista, it runs pretty much all games just fine. Crysis Warhead can be played at pretty much max settings with minimal chugging. It's very pretty. Vista itself is very stable for me, but it seems to always be using at least 7-10% of my CPU's resources at all times. With Windows 7, I can say that it's not an issue right now. Even with a fuck-ton of "gadgets" on my desktop (you can now move them wherever you want), the CPU is pretty much always at 0% when I'm not doing anything. As for when I do actual stuff, like browse the internet and watch porn, it's very fast and efficient. Especially for the latter -- streaming media seems even faster with Windows 7. Other than that, there isn't much I can say really. Pinning programs to the task bar is cool, I guess....

Either way, it looks to me like Mac users may not be able to talk shit anymore once this thing hits retail. We'll see.....

Anyway, I'll be sure to tell you how it is for gaming if I ever get around to installing anything.

As for my console gaming, I finally got around to beating Prince of Persia and I couldn't be more thrilled that it ended. It was getting really fucking boring and I was practically willing myself to finish it. Really, that's all you need to know. Sure, I could tell you how well Elika functions with the Prince, and how cool this Prince is compared to the Sands of Time trilogy version's whiny bitch, and a bunch of other good stuff, but the fact that the game was way too fucking repetitive negates all of those qualities. Even the beautiful graphics and art style of the game aren't worth shit here. They certainly didn't hold my interest enough to keep my happy and engaged. And don't get me started on the ending. All I can say is this: I felt like an asshole for even having bothered to finish it. Really, way to fucking suck Ubisoft.

Other than that, L4D is awesome and stuff. More on that in another blog.

Anyway, onto the contest!

I will be giving away 2 prizes: 1 winner will receive their choice of $20 Point cards. So you can get yourself some Microsoft Moon Money, some Wii points, or even some PSN cash! They do make PSN cards now, right?

The other winner will receive my used copies of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX. They are both Greatest Hits versions. So, if you're entering, keep in mind you'll need a backwards compatible PS3, a PS2, or a PS1 to play these two games. I figured I'd give them away because there is probably no chance I will ever have time for them again.

Note to RPG fans: Don't have kids.

Oh, and you'll have to wait until at least Tuesday for the points, as the banks are closed today.

Apparently some black guy got shot or something. Or maybe it was his birthday....I'm a bad American.

As for the games, who knows how long they'll take. Once the winner sends me an address, I'll eventually mail them out.

How will this contest play out? Very simple. Since I'm lazy and have no imagination, I will be using the old comment inducing "What number am I thinking of?" formula. So, with that in mind, it's going to be from 1 to 200.

Just guess a number from 1 to 200 in the comments and you will be entered to win. Just be careful not to use the same number as another person. The person who guesses the correct number (or the closest to it) will win a prize, and the person who is second closest will also win a prize.

It's that simple. Now, get to guessing.

Oh, and as for why I'm doing this again all of a sudden: My grandfather won 1 million dollars on Christmas day on a New Jersey Lottery scratch off ticket. Yesterday the entire family was invited out to dinner, where he gave each of his grandchildren $1000. We were instructed to buy whatever we wanted, so along with a few games for myself, I decided I'd share the love with you guys.

Based on the last few weeks in the c-blogs, you guys need it. I love you all, even those of you who hate me!


Now guess that number. I'll be cleaning the fucking snow off of my fucking car so I can get some fucking McDonalds.
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