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I think I'm becoming dumber. Or stupider. Whatever it is.

Disclaimer: This post is kind of dumb. Don't say I didn't tell you so.

I really don't know what the hell is going on with me. The title of this blog is the absolute truth. I feel dumber all the damn time. It's kind of scary, although it's a slow enough process that I barely notice it most of the time. Although, that could just be because I'm becoming dumber. I'm not sure.

Anyway, I've noticed some stuff recently. Specifically that I am a totally different person now compared to when I joined Destructoid. In fact, I'm a completely different person from when I was a teenager. And I don't mean in the usual ways people change when as they become an adult and all that shit. I think it's more rooted in how hectic and fucking insane my day to day life is as a parent, and the fact that my parents seem dumb but really aren't makes me think I'm beginning to turn into them. I'm not dumb, but I sure as hell probably appear dumb to a lot of smart people. That's my parents in a nut-shell, at least in my view. Our minds just don't work as quickly as they used to. At least, it seems that way. Maybe it's hereditary or some shit.

Instead I can only appreciate stuff like shooters and action games that provide instant gratification. These games also tend to have simpler and in my opinion crappier plots than other genres, but that's OK by me for some reason. I don't even mind bad stories and in fact sometimes I completely skip cut-scenes and plot-related bullshit just to get to the action.

Besides this, I find myself constantly at a loss for words. Lately I struggle to even write a decent comment after reading a blog on Destructoid. I want to say something, but nothing is clicking up there. I just say "fuck it" and move on, like it's a waste of time or something. It's not worth the 30 seconds of thinking necessary to figure out what I'd like to say. Instead I just say either "Good blog dude" or nothing at all.

I have no explanation and don't feel like thinking of a real one beyond what I've said, so I'll skip the expected "wrap-up" paragraph where I'm supposed to say shit like "Maybe it's just the stress in my life" or something like that. Fuck that, it's far too much work. So that's it, that's all you get from me. Sorry, but I'm too busy (and dumb) to come up with something better. My kids need to go to bed.

Also, I find it funny that I'm finally almost done with Fallout 3. I started playing it a year ago. Strange I actually stuck with that game all this time. At least that was a smart decision, huh?

Also, also, I know many of you are itching to drop a quick "You're becoming dumber? You already were a dumb-ass" comment. It's OK, I opened myself up to that with my title alone. I love you guys.

P.S. This isn't some retarded joke, it's just me rambling like an asshole. But it's somewhat serious. Yeah.
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