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I borrowed a game. The World Ends With You. It's emo, but I like it.


As many of you know, I still don't have a job. Life sucks. I'm kind of....poor. I still buy decent food and all, but I can't afford to waste cash on games right now. What's a gamer to do when he's got no money and wants something new? Well, I could steal the damn games like so many others do, for one thing. But I choose not to use emulation of any kind. Instead, I've been borrowing games, something I haven't done since I was a kid. I always loan my games out, but never borrow anything myself.

So I've been calling my little brother, lining up games to borrow over the next few weeks. I've got mostly portable titles planned, such as the Castlevania games for the DS. But right now I'm focused on another highly acclaimed DS game, the strikingly original yet (honestly) not really original RPG from Square Enix and Jupiter, The World Ends With You. A lot of reviews and such that I've read on this game pretty much shove the idea that it's something original and innovative down your throat. While this is in many ways true, at it's heart it seems the game is still the same old thing we've been playing for years. It's got a cool premise and all, but it doesn't seem all that different when you get to the root of it all. At least it looks different.

Now, I'm only on day 6, but I can say that I've seen characters just like Neku in many other games, notably Final Fantasy VIII's Squall. He's just as self centered and miserable as Neku. Neku doesn't want to rely on others, because they always let him down. How fucking emo can this bitch get? I personally haven't liked him, although his attempt to murder a major party member is pretty fucking bad-ass, regardless of how fucked up it was.

Still, a bitch.

Anyway, the game is still quite good in other areas. The combat isn't anything mind blowing, but it uses the touch screen very well, and the combination of using the buttons to control one character and the stylus to control the other is actually very functional, once you get the hang out of it. I quickly found myself clamoring to do some level grinding, partly because it's fun to fight, and partly because I wanted to master all of my pins. I won't get into specifics about it all because I've gone on long enough as it is.

One more thing though: The look of the game is pretty striking, at least at first. The use of present day locales is a very interesting choice to tell this story, and it's quite effective I think. I really liked how everything came together visually.

Would I recommend this game to my fellow Dtoiders who haven't played it? I would say yes, although if you dislike Japanese culture and all that jazz, then maybe not. Still, it's a great little portable RPG, at least so far. I'm a fan.
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