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Final Fantasy WiiWare = For teh Chilluns. Also, Disagea DS.

So apparently, we may yet see some form of combat in the forthcoming WiiWare title, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:Something about a King (Seriously, the title is long and it sucks.)

I cannot say for sure if their will be anything to do besides rebuild towns and things of that sort, but these new screens definitely show some form of enemy for our bitch-ass-feminine-ass main character. Yes, he's a little girly man. Take a look at said enemy:

According to the http://www.the-magicbox.com, this kind of dull looking dude comes out to play whenever you are nearing the completion of your rebuilding efforts, specifically completion of a certain town or area. Whatever. Still no solid proof we'll be doing much more than managing resources and rebuilding houses. Here's another pic:

It's actually quite beautiful to see. The art direction, while nothing amazing for Square, is still up to a high standard. Hell, most of these American developers, with their amazing graphic engines and high tech toys, still wish they could come close to matching this kind of art direction. This is a simply beautiful image. Hopefully we'll be doing something interesting instead of just looking at pretty images. Take a look at one more:

This is Pavlov. Pavlov the Penguin. Yes, he is a core character, a helper or aid of sorts. Need to know something? Can't figure it all out? Ask this fucking penguin, and all will be well.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Pavlov the Penguin.

**sticks revolver in mouth**

Anyway, continuing on. I've got one more little goodie for you guys. Check it out:

Disagea DS!!!

While I'm sure this isn't exactly breaking news, it's the first I've seen of the game in action. I've never played the Disagea games before, but I've heard wonderful things about them, and I absolutely love Strategy RPG's. Grid based combat FTW.

This is actually a remake of the original game, which I believe was a PS1 or PS2 title, can't remember. I was always wrapped up in whatever RPG Square was selling me back in high school, or of course doing drugs and playing sports games with my friends. (My HS years were a waste of time.)

As you would expect, the game will make full use of the DS' touch screen functionality. How does it work? Not sure exactly, but I figure you can work it out in your head. It is menu-based, after all.

Not much info really, but what else do you need to know? It's a highly regarded SRPG, only now it fits in the palms of your hands. PORTABLE SRPG GET!

Well, that's it for today. I apoligize if any of this is old news to you, but it's the first I've seen of these particular screens. Not that they are telling us much new or whatever, but hey, I need to get back into the swing of things with the C-Blogs. I need to leave Dtoid for a week or so, and then everything turned to shit. The whole fucking world is doing their own contest now. I think I created a fucking monster.


As for my monthly contest, it has been delayed for a bit. There is no way in hell I'm bothering to go to the store to pick up some Pts Card right now. It's enough I'm being pretty much forced to come and work, abcessed tooth and all. So sorry, but I believe my presence in the C-Blogs should be enough to satisfy you all for now.

Hey, at least I don't fail.

Have you checked the C-Blogs lately? Ewww.
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