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EDS returns to blogging to whine about people who whine about stupid stuff

Hello, Destructoid. It's been a while. Sure, I've commented plenty of times lately. But I have not blogged in what feels like an eternity (probably 2 months or so), and so I am here now to ruin your day with my presence.

You're welcome.

Anyway, what to blog about? We could talk about all sorts of stuff that's going on in our favorite industry right now. But most of it is meaningless bullshit that most sane people would literally laugh at if confronted with. Like that fucking ridiculous Left 4 Dead 2 "petition". By "petition" I mean "list full of self-important morons who think they mean shit to anyone", but why bother going on a meaningless rant? I'll probably just piss a few people off and end up feeling and looking like somebody with way too much time on their hands.

Which is exactly what I am, but I'm also lazy so I will leave my thoughts on the L4D2 shitfest at this: It's a fucking game made by a fucking game development company. They make games to make money. The company in question has probably been the most loyal and least greedy developer in the history of games. This does not excuse them from being assholes, but it does IMO mean they are allowed to make a cash grab or two every now and then without a mass revolt happening. Times are tough. In this economy it doesn't matter how awesome your business model is, costs will go up or have gone up no matter what. Give them a fucking break. It's not the end of your life, and if it is, then you needed to end that shit anyway. Preferably in a fire.

Moving on, what other bullshit are we whining about these days?

Max Payne 3 has been shown off in the past few weeks, and it's kind of pissed people off. Not in a ridiculously overblown way like L4D2, but quite a few people seem displeased with the look of the game. These people have the right to not like it, but again, who really cares? The real Max Payne series pretty much ended when Remedy gave up the rights to the game, so this game is just a bonus opportunity to play some more Max Payne all these years later. It's not going to change your life in the slightest (unless you've got some sick fascination with Max Payne), a feeling echoed by community member Vexed Alex in a recent cblog. He is absolutely right, and this line of thinking generally applies to all sequels, remakes, and reboots out there.

Sure, your beloved and cherished video game character may not act or look how you love and remember him or her, but does it really matter? It's quite easy to ignore stuff like this. Just don't play the new game, and if you do play it out of curiosity and still aren't happy, just forget about it. The old games you love are still there, and they are usually still the same. Nothing that comes out now is going to change anything that's already happened. So yeah, we need to stop bitching about this stuff so much. It drives me up a fucking wall, and I really don't like driving up walls. I have small children in my house. They could get hurt.

Anyway, that's all the time I have for now. I'm going to try and get on here and bitch a little bit more if I can. It all depends on my wife and her WoW Guild's schedule, really. She plays way too often with these new people, and she already played too much to begin with. They are keeping me from my Destructoid more than ever.

Fuck her new guild. Fuck it in the ear. Fuck it in the other ear.

Also, one more little thing before I go: Can we finally stop with the "I NOT downloaded this game the other day" shit? Seriously, who cares? Why joke about it or beat around the bush? Just say "I stole this game the other day, I love it" and move the fuck on. Seriously, it's fucking retarded. Thank you.

Goodbye for now Dtoid. I love you always.....
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