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A Summer of Punishment: Week 3


Writing this blog and doing this weekly feature seems to make time go by a lot quicker. I'm already at the end of the third week for this summer challenge. For readers without a clue, I've been attempting to beat most of my games on their hardest difficulties over the course of July and August. This week though, I've been feeling a little burnt out on this whole thing. I didn't really have much motivation at all to continue with the one real game I've played all week, BioShock.

Since I didn't want to disappoint anybody, I managed to trudge through it over the course of the week. I figured since I hadn't played it in a long time that it would seem fresh and new again to me. it wasn't at all. I had already gone through the game twice before and gotten all of the achievements until the one 100 point one came out when the DLC was released. I died quite a bit over the course of the game, mostly due to having to fight the Big Daddies. The Bouncers weren't very difficult to deal with since they were somewhat easy to dodge. However, the Rosies are a different story. I died many times fighting these cunts. Most of the time it was because I would get shot or blown up before I got the chance to hit B to heal myself. I also ended up saving all of the Little Sisters to make it a tad bit more difficult since I wouldn't have as much ADAM to work with.

In an attempt to conserve ammunition, I played through most of the game with the Winter Blast plasmid to freeze enemies and shatter them with the wrench. I also never purposely destroyed any of the turrets or cameras if I didn't have to. I would hack everything I could so it would help me out when I least expected it. This play style actually worked out in my favor. Since I didn't use a whole lot of ammo and I didn't have to keep buying any, I ended up with enough money to keep my First Aid Kits and EVE Hypos fully stocked. By the time I had reached the very end and was about to fight Fontaine, I was more than happy to finally finish the game. The boss fight was also as disappointing as I remember it being. With my ammo and abilities all maxed out, the fight wasn't difficult at all on Hard. He's more or less limited to two moves. Those being firing a projectile at you and charging at you right after. They are very easily avoided by strafing around him while shooting. I had actually intended to record a video of me fighting him again for the first time, but after I set up my camera and hit record, the battery in it died. I didn't feel like replacing the battery or charging it, so I just did it without it. I'll try and record something else to make up for it.

I'd have to say that even with the Vita-Chambers turned off, the game is not as difficult as I thought it was going to be. Granted, I was already familiar with all of the areas and mechanics of the game, having gone through the game twice beforehand. I could see how it would be a lot more difficult on someone's first playthrough. With the save system the game has though, it's just as easy to load up a previous save as it is to respawn in a Vita-Chamber. Below is the achievement I got for beating the game on hard with the Vita-Chambers turned off. I had gotten disconnected from Xbox Live about an hour before I finished the game and forgot to reconnect before the achievement popped. That kind of annoyed me.

I would have been pretty disappointed in myself if I had only played one game on my list this week. So, I fired up inFamous again and got started on playing through it again on Hard as an evil character this time around. I would say that I've gotten through roughly 50% of the game so far. Not having to worry about killing innocent civilians and having much stronger powers is a huge help getting through it on Hard. I found that an effective tactic that I didn't tend to use on my first playthrough was just spamming the default lightning attack when fighting a bunch of enemies. The attack doesn't use up any of the electrical power that you have, and when you're evil it has the chance to explode an enemy when you shoot them in the head, damaging the enemies around him. Given how far I am in the game already, I should be able to finish it within the next day or two.

I'm definitely going to try and step it up a notch this week. It seems to me like I'm not making any good progress when I only end up finishing one game a week. I'll make it a goal to finish at least two by my next post. I finally ordered a new gaming PC today and should be getting the parts by this weekend. I haven't been into PC gaming in years and I have a lot to catch up on. I'm hoping that doesn't distract me too much from the task at hand. Well, that's all I've got to say for this post. You can read all of my ASOP related tweets on my Twitter feed here. Catch you all next week.

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