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A Summer of Punishment: Week 2


It's now the end of the second week of my Summer of Punishment. If you haven't been following for the last two posts, what I've been doing is playing some of my games on their hardest difficulties over the summer. I've been doing my best to limit my frustration to cursing off the television and occasionally punching myself in the thigh. I've had to replace controllers in the past, and they cost a pretty penny these days. Anyway, this post will be a tad bit shorter than the others since I didn't game as much as I normally do for one specific reason. I'll get into that further down though. I'll start with the game I played towards the end of last week, Devil May Cry 4.

I had previously gotten up to Mission 4 on Dante Must Die mode and stopped playing. I seemed to have made as much progress as I did last week though, as I only got up to Mission 7 before Friday. The only real issue I had was fighting Agnus and all of those stupid flying swords. I was talking some pretty harsh shit towards Nero every time I got hit or died. From my Twitter that night I quote myself.

"You people should hear the shit I'm talking to Nero right now. It's obviously his fault as the character, and not me as the player."

That's basically the way I felt all night playing the game. I'm trying to take this game out in chunks in between some of the easier games. The game I played the last two nights was Mirror's Edge, but before I get into that, I'll mention why I got less game time over the course of the week.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, members of Dtoid New York got together for a Beach NARP, which was graciously hosted by keener. The weekend was filled with drinking, Rock Band, SingStar, Brodozers, Justice Mode, Anne Frank Bombs, Samit flying a plane, BlazBlue, Street Fighter, dining and ditching, and of course Bella. Thanks again keener for hosting and everybody else for showing up and having fun. For all the other Dtoiders, find your local Dtoid group and go to the next NARP!

Note: I'm in the middle of the picture above with my game face on. On the right we have the one and only Sharpless with his epic beard and proof of his existence.

Back onto the subject of games, I started up and managed to finish Mirror's Edge on Hard all within two nights. I probably could have done it in one if I hadn't taken breaks to go play Battlefield 1943. Playing through it again reminded me of how depressingly short the game is, even with the added difficulty. It probably didn't take me very long since the majority of the game is free running in the city, which isn't something that's affected by what difficulty you have the game set to. The combat is what held me up at points, but it's pretty easy to beat by using the classic gaming strategy of trial and error. I basically had to find the easiest way to disarm one enemy without dying, and take his gun and take out the next guy. I kept switching guns to make sure I had enough ammo to kill the next guy without putting myself in a position to have to restart the entire fight. I seem to remember the combat being more difficult on my first playthrough, but that's probably because I played through the game the first time without using guns. I would have done that again for Hard mode, but I had no way of proving that I did it since I had already gotten that specific achievement. Below is the achievement I got for beating Hard mode.

In closing, I'd say that this week was relatively easy. Playing through Mirror's Edge again reminded me of how much I liked the gameplay mechanics. I might just pick up the DLC for it with the time trials if I ever end up with some spare Microsoft Points. I've got to save up for the upcoming Summer of Arcade line-up. For the week coming up, I'll probably try and knock another easy game or two out of the way. I might start up The Darkness or BioShock, in addition to plowing through Devil May Cry 4 on Dante Must Die mode. That's it for this week, I'll probably go back and continue to play some more Battlefield 1943 on that recently unlocked Coral Sea map. As always, you can read my ASOP related tweets on the Twitter feed located here. See you next week!

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