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A Summer of Punishment: Introduction


Hello there Destructoid. It's certainly been a while since I was seen here fairly often. I've never really blogged here regularly, nor have I ever thought up a good original feature to do. However, garison replied to my tweet about how I was going to try and complete most of my games on their harder or hardest difficulties this summer, and suggested that I write a blog about it. So, I thought, why not make it a weekly feature and update everybody on my progress?

Starting tomorrow, I will start my two month endeavor to finish the games shown below on their hard difficulties. I have picked games that are likely to be very challenging. Some of these games, though, I haven't even played yet. I'm interested to see how difficult it will be starting a game off I have yet to play on it's hard difficulty. I can only really remember doing this once to see how challenging it was, and that was with Call of Duty 4. I played through the entire game for the first time on Veteran difficulty and I wanted to shoot myself. I probably won't be able to get through all of these games though, since some of them require a significant amount of playtime, but I'll try my best.

Like I said before, I'll be starting tomorrow. Since I'm kicking it off on a Wednesday, I'll try to post a new blog with updates every Wednesday from now until the end of August. I'll try and make it interesting by keeping track of some statistics such as playtime and number of deaths. I might even record a couple of short gameplay videos with my crappy digital camera. Let me know what you guys think of this in the comments.
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