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When consoles beat PCs, case study number 47: CoD4 and PC guy stuck on Console-Island

Note: I have a forum thread about my new job that I mention at the end of this post. Comments about that or PNT should be directed there.

So, which system have you played the most, ever? The NES, when everyone knew about Punch Out, Contra, and Duck Hunt? SNES, with its RPGs, Capcom, and Nintendo Franchise goodness back when the idea of having a new and improved Mario and Link were considered revolutionary? The N64, with the bounty of four-player games, when we got more hours in Goldeneye than we ever did in Halo? Or, speaking of Halo, was it the XBox? PS2, which had a gajillion more titles than its competitors?

The N64 or SNES were close for me, and the NES is a close call, but I'm seriously thinking the most hours I've gained was on the PC. Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, shareware, demos, Starcraft (at least 1,500 games, and at the conservative estimate average of 20 minutes per match...), WC3, Command and Conquer, Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2, RTS's by Relic and/or THQ, CounterStrike...

God. It's a lot. The parties with people are more memorable (I've got a Brawl Party to attend that starts in ten minutes) but the easiness, the temptation of the PC has given it much more a share of my lifespace. If you're alone, you can always go and play against some whiny 13-year-old who can't afford a better comp and does not but blame you for picking the wrong hero when his hero dies twice in ten minutes, when yours doesn't. Yessirree. Also, when you go to college, you have to have a computer at home. Email. Research, papers, movies, Youtube, comics and other Lulness. You always end up slipping into just one more game, or one more map before you actually, no really, start writing that paper on the boring topic.

So, a conundrum. My friends are all console people, whilest I absolutely love TF2. I have a console of my own and I'm liking it, but I sure as hell am not giving up on the unique and awesome advantages that a PC has to offer. I love my mouse and keyboard. You can't play an RTS on a console--even fanboys have to admit that. And TF2 just doesn't work on a console. It needs to be PC style.

Over at that place where I'm the editor they sometimes hook me up with games to review. The perk is that I get to keep the game. One of these games was Call of Duty 4--for the PC.

With the exception of "leagues" and all of that tempting bullshit, you can't really find talk or community about Call of Duty 4. Why? Because everyone bought it on the fucking XBox 360 or PS3. So when I'm like, "Oh yeah, I got it on the PC" everyone looks at me like that's a weird idea. Like they didn't even know you could get such an awesome piece of awesomeness on the nerd machine.

I mean, you can't even play with a lot of people on one console anyway, and you usually just use a guest account for guy# 2, so it's not like people are having CoD4 parties--they're just playing CoD4 on the console the way they would on a god damn PC. But consoles are a more popular gaming system.

So what do I do? Get mad at pirates? Continue to be protective of my nerd space since these space jocks, men with large arms and dicks who get women with (if they so choose) large breasts and many who are largely, to be precise, actual dicks, spend a hell of a lot more money on a more profitable venture, that is, consoles?

A guy who has friends who console and who don't have CoD4, who discovers CoD4 on his PC, and doesn't have 60 bucks to buy the same damn game again: sucky. Maybe they could implement a system in which I can buy a console game if I prove I buy the PC game, and buy it for, you know, only 20 or 25 bucks?

I don't know. Being between communities sucks, and always has. To compound the problem, next week I start managing a PNT. The manager of the other location who trained me today told me he played TF2 once. On the 360. And hasn't seen it on the PC. I don't know--am I ready for this? Millions of HaloHeads swarming me? Can I work at a place that can only profit by selling console, but not PC? While secretly trying to figure out if I'm a PC gamer more than anything else?

Tense stuff. We'll see, I guess.
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