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Let Us Make Beautiful Post-Apocalyptic Music Together

I am, like many others, a musical omnivore. I like most kinds of music, if they follow two guidelines: if there are lyrics I want to be able to hear them, and if I can't the music shouldn't be chaotic and irregular (these being the two pri...


Inauguration Day - Performance anxiety and Fallout

Well, this was certainly unexpected. I really hadn't thought much about the Destructoid community until now. I mean, I visit the site several times a day and I love it as much as everyone else, but I hadn't actually bothered much about the...


About Essixone of us since 6:28 AM on 04.07.2011

I'm just an Everydude living in Sweden, currently trying to find a job and somehow getting into the games industry, though that will likely take a while. I've been interested in games my whole life and spend a lot of time playing, discussing and thinking about them. To me, games are so much more interesting if you analyze and/or understand the underlying principles in addition to just partaking in the experience.

I'm currently heading up the New Vegas Advanced Mod Project (nVamp). It's a big mod compilation with the goal of bringing the biggest and most popular mods for New Vegas together, FCOM style (though hopefully with a less convoluted installation process, at least in the future).

Our NVNexus page is here: https://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=40130
And our forums are here: https://www.fookunity.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=120