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Things, Goings on, and Eventualities.

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More Wonderful Ads!

You guys know how much I looooooooove interesting ads, so of course I couldn't resist posting this: To be honest, I really preferred the ads for dead hookers. At least this time I got around to copying the link: http://rm.yieldmanager....


It's my Birthday!

That's right bitches, I'm a Valentine baby! It's actually pretty cool with all the free candy and stuff. Presents are awesome. I accept money, candy, and videogames. With receipts in case I don't like it.. To celebrate, I present one ...


My Godlike New Computer

Every now and then I like to see the most expensive computer it would be possible to purchase anywhere. It's been a while since the last time I tried, but now I present to you: The Blackbird, a machine I can only compare to the monolit...


New Team Fortress 2 Stats

Valve has just come out with another interesting list of statistics, this time related to Team Fortress 2. It's quite fascinating, though no one will be surprised that Scout is the most played class and gets the most captures, sniper gets ...


You know what disgusts me?

Yesterday, a guy by the name of Robert Hawkins decided to "go out in style", and went to a mall in Omaha, Nebraska where he killed eight people, wounded five, and suicided. At the time I'm writing this, that was about 33 hours ago. And al...


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