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Team Fortress 2 - New Medic Achievements

Someone on the internets has been kind enough to find the list of new achievements, which are all for the medic class. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess they've done this because medic is the least played class. Of course, it's my most played class so I'm gonna benefit a lot from this. At least if Valve will tell me how to fix my fucking Steam already.

Here it is:

Along with a list off what they're supposed to be:

* Assist Capturer- Helping while capturing
* Top Score Board - Leading the Score Board at the end of the game
* Syringe Scoot - Killing a Scout with the Syringe Gun
* Switch to Medic - Switching from another class to the Medic
* Simul Charge - (?)
* Setup Charge - Charging the Uber during Setup-Time
* Save Teammate - (?)
* Falling Teammate - Healing a falling teammate and securing him from death
* Rapide Charge - (?)
* Kill While Charged - Killing an enemy while Uber's ready
* Kill Healed Spy - Kill an enemy Spy, who just stole Heal from your team
* Invite Join Charge - (?)
* Heal Under Fire - Healing while burning
* Heal Large - Healing for a long time (how long?)
* Heal Huge - Heal for an even longer time (?)
* Heal Grind - Being an MegaUberSuper-Medic (when?)
* Heal Ingé - Healing an Engineer
* Heal Callers - Healing teammates, who called for a Medic
* Heal Achiever - (?)
* Freeze Cam Ragdoll - (?)
* Extinguish Teammate - (how to extinguish?)
* Medic Counter Charge - (?)
* Charge Juggle - Giving Uber to different teammates
* Charge Friends - Ubering a Friend
* Charge Blocker - (?)
* Bonesaw Spy Caller - Killing an enemy Spy with the Bonesaw
* Bonesaw Nomisses - Killing an enemy with the Bonesaw without missing the target
* Bonesaw Medic - Killing some enemies with the Bonesaw (how many?)
* Assist vs Nemeses - Getting a Assist-Kill againsta Nemesis
* Assist Soldier - Getting a Assist-Kill while assisting a Soldier
* Assist Scout - Getting a Assist-Kill while assisting a Scout
* Assist Pyro - Getting a Assist-Kill while assisting a Pyro
* Assist Medic - Getting a Assist-Kill while assisting a Medic
* Assist Heavy Long - Assisting a Heavy for some time (how long?)
* Assist Heavy- Getting a Assist-Kill while assisting a Heavy
* Assist Demoman - Getting a Assist-Kill while assisting a Demoman

MegaUberSuperThanks to teamfortress2.de
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