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About Esbattyone of us since 11:45 AM on 02.02.2012

How'd you get into gaming? My Dad worked at the local arcade back in the early-early 80's. Apparently I absorbed the music of Rush and the crunchy, electronic explosions of Asteroids while in utero due to my Mother's love of the cabinets. That and they got me an Atari 2600 at the age of 3. (Dig Dug is the sh*t.)

What are your favorites? Star War Lego III, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Soul Calibur II, Gears of War, and Dig Dug.

What are you playing now? Dead Island: Ryder White Campaign, The Witcher 2, Saints Row the Third: Genki Bowl VII.

If you'd like to get fancy No thanks. Fancy is just another word for expensive... or Helvetica.