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Legend of Zelda : Link to the fail?

Now don't get me wrong I have a special place in my heart as much as the next gamer does for Link and the Zelda series, but how often does he get a free pass just because he's him?

I was talking to a friend last night and was telling him how I thought Fable was a better game than any of the Zelda games with the exception of Link to the Past. It's essentially the same type of game. Action with some hack and slash and RPG elements thrown in.

Maybe I'm still a loot whore from my days of WoW but I found way more satisfaction with the armor and ability to play as you choose in Fable then the always green elf costume and good guy role you are always forced to play in Zelda games. He went on to say that it's acceptable from Zelda because of history and how much the series means to gamers. To be honest i'm tired of giving these series free passes. Metriod took the step with Prime to making the game a whole new invention in the series, Zelda is always the same. While i did enjoy Twilight Princess it's just i get tired of the series using the same puzzles and same weapons they've always had, boomerrang, bow, sword , shield, grapple... i mean where is the innovation in the series? where the ability to add runes that you can buy with rupies to enhance your weapons?

I would go crazy for a Zelda game that had more RPG elements to it, but I won't ever see that day, so now, i'll say farewell to Link, as he's been replaced with the nameless white kid with horns from my Fable save. Bring on Fable 2
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