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Devs finally learning...

As shown on the Dtoid home page (source from eurogamer) Eden is patching the 360 version of Alone in the Dark. Sure The game wasn't great and the bad design choices shine through but the game wasn't horrible, many games come out that are just pure garbage and the publishers take the money and run. Finally someones fixing something that wasn't broken just lamed. I think it goes to show that patches aren't all that bad for console games. Alot of people think that patching of console games shouldn't be needed because they feel like the game should be polished and bug free when it ships. While this is true this isn't the case with Alone in the Dark. The game as it was was complete. This isn't the same nature as say Too Human which is going to have to be patched for clipping issues and sound issues.

I just think alot of other devs could take a hint from Eden and take a game that was finished and just make it better.
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