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Why I Want Animal Crossing On Switch (And What Makes It Special For Me)


We are in a new era where technology is advancing at a faster rate, useless information is constantly made, privacy is being a myth of the past and people care more about brands and fictional characters rather than the living beings around them.

One of the problems that is being faced by the modern society is how to squeeze the little free time left without thinking how much pain is real life. One of the solutions created by mankind is a way to immerse yourself in a world that hasn't met the rules of reality, and each experience is able to express several emotions on its users: drugs. But this time I'm talking about video games, a more legal but often equally expensive alternative.

However, not everyone got the correct message and decided to bring the parts of life that most people usually avoid. That is right, simulation games.

Are you tired of working at work? Let's look at the hundred of job simulators available on Steam. Do you like the responsibility of having a pet that is totally soulless as long as you can ignore it when you want? Choose an animal. Can't get some adult action? Go find a sex simulator that has an English patch since you don't understand shit about Japanese, or if you do, hide the ones that may not be legal where you live. Can't fulfill the objectives you have planned in life? You can now cry while playing Sims.

However, there are also developers that were able to mix real life activities in a fantasy world. Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, Rune Factory, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Cities: Skylines alongside others. But the one I want to see again is Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch.

I can't wait to return in a world where you are the mayor of a town that resources are free and have to repeat the same chores over and over to grind money so you can either pay your debts or invest it in the town as everyone wants improvements but won't pay taxes.

The best part is when you visit someone's island just to deforest the land almost completely just to catch the same type of bug for a quick buck. Or if you can't afford the travel, sell the shells you collected unethically on the beach as you didn’t want to wait.

There are so many other fun activities to do in the town like stock trading but with turnips, compulsively purchasing limited time items for a complete collection, get a coffee addiction just to get a part-time work and learning human expression in the normal way: giving a fruit to a guy in a nocturn club.

You can donate things to a museum that makes no effort to increase their collection, where you can take fishes and bugs from their habitat, find fossil pieces that are somehow reachable with a shovel or buy paintings without knowing their authenticity.

Animal Crossing Animal Leaf has taught me the real worth of friendship, as you need to earn the trust of the villagers to have absolute power in the town’s decisions, about how easy politics is when you give all the hard work to your secretary - that only sleeps one hour per day - while taking all the credit.

I also understand how people have better communication skills under a fursuit rather than being themselves, how exploiting the nature of your benefits only have almost no consequences, people won’t care if you break the universe’s laws by going back in time and finally, I learn that if you have power you can forget your responsibilities for years until a new update makes you go back without any penalties.

You know, kids stuff.

This is why I can’t wait to play Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch. I want to join a new town in a fantasy world just to be able to corrupt it to my pleasure, an escape of what we know as real life.

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