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Decided to try something really quick as this is a cute render.


I hate when indie games uses Google Translate. Often they have a small amount of text, which makes worse for me.


Did you know what if you unplug your console when the game is saving, your stats will be maxed out? Works in most of the games! #Fact


Pre-Game Discharge Season 1 (35/?? + OVA) Full Download Mega [1080p WebRIP] https://bit.ly/2qBMhDC


When you decide if staying inside playing with yourself or getting a girlfriend.


I just noticed that Mario is capable to do a self blowjob. He is way too flexible on Super Mario Odyssey.


Community time! Let's make a meme with some crazy/fake news featuring Lyle as a reporter.* Video as reference (I wanted to do this gif instead) *As image with two texts, not animation. No Lyle involved.


This game's cutscenes are a disaster. You will need a potion to heal yourself up. Yes, I'm making that joke if you get what I'm saying.


I wonder how people would react to this...


It seems Trump will be highlighting videogames' violence. I may not be from United States, but that is a weird way for *troubleshooting* gun control.


Did this a while ago on Destructoid's Slack. I never found out if this was shared or not, so here it is.


I just found out Bubsy The Woolies Strike Back got strong sales on both PC and PS4 since its release It must be the 4th or 5th time that it is at around half price


Getting ready for this Holiday with this reimagined classic


I guess I will start today with a few jokes... #001 When the Chocobo ignores you


You spin me right round, baby Right round like a record, baby Right round round round


Here is the video version of that clip BTW. Feel free to steal it I guess.


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