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Cheezy Dreezy EP 1 - Opening The Wrong Game


We all have at least one video game that we enjoy (or not) that we can't share with people around us, the ones that will raise looks and glares leading to disappointment and heavy judgment.

If you are an owner of a PlayStation Vita, then I bet it will be more than one. I remember when I saw a card strategy game on sale for one dollar at the PlayStation Store, which I decided to purchase and try it out. That game was Monster Monpiece and ooh wee that was a big surprise when I found out after having to evolve my first card, that was definitely not a game for good boys and girls (thanks Compile Hearts).

Heck, I even bought Genital Jousting to show some members of my family as a joke when it was 69% off, yet this was something that really crossed the line.

With that said, let's celebrate the embarrassment that videogames can be in our lifes. Here is a clip from a recent stream from Dreezy, the streamer at Destructoid TV. As you can see, when switched games, he opened Heartstone by accident in front of everyone. We will abuse that.

"But Eric, that is not embarassing at all" you may say. You are right, that is why I did this green screen version (download link here):

SO HERE IS THE CHALLENGE: Can you come up with the most embarassing game to open by accident?

The winner will be featured on the second episode of this series (which will be as soon as I find a good "memeable" clip). Good luck!

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