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#SoYouThinkYouCanStream - Leaderboard


UPDATE: The poll to vote for the fan favorites is now live! https://eglive.typeform.com/to/A9oU3DeC 

A while ago, Destructoid had announced a new streaming competition that is taking place on Destructoid’s Twitch channel. If this is news to you, here is a piece from the incredible Wes covering the announcement.

The tournament has finally reached its second half, and what a first half!  For the day 10 of the competition, the amazing Camille Salazar-Hadaway joined the stream for commentary, and will also join as a guest judge for the finals!

30 streamers have shown their skills so far, and we have seen a nice variety of games too! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Warzone, League of Legends, ValorantFortniteTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege, Crucible, League of Legends, even Roblox! Everyone is doing their best, as the top 3 plus a fan favorite will go directly to the finals for a change to win $5000!

Talking about the leaderboard, you are likely here for that, after all, it is on the title. With no further ado, the final scores:

1 Fifakillvizualz 24.81
2 RockyNoHands 24.37
3 RLaw 24.11
4 Anabela 23.71
5 BadGalShay 23.46
6 ViperX214 23.44
7 stroabs 23.25
8 Jenniez_tv 23
9 Orcedify 22.944
10 ItsRedRunner 22.94
11 DoodyBeard 22.9
12 RyshuX 22.46
13 StephanieSnow 22.42
14 ZombieCorps 22.31
15 Hunniebee 22.2
16 ToanLink 21.43
17 Owlstronaut 21.41
18 perfectlybalancedgus 21.33
19 woggles 21.2
20 shotgundraw 20.57
21 Jpeze 20.1
22 DevWare 19.98
23 Captainfalcozc 19.91
24 EggRollSupreme 19.30
25 1Godspeed_45 19.17
26 s00sio 19
27 Zaiyken 18.88
28 Itssamanthalol 18.85
29 Foxyzilla 18.64
30 Trinity876 18.35
31 MIshManners 17.08
32 Smoaky_ 16.26
33 PWeasil 14.8
34 EagleOwlHD 14.33
35 ChickenBut12 13.57
36 colin96tv 11.17
37 Crookttv Disqualified
38 Scykes Disqualified
39 LaCookieFreak Disqualified
40 Lilgmommey Disqualified
41 BaronXOfficial Disqualified

Please note that this will be updated after the stream, so if you want to see the results in real-time, we welcome you to see the streams at Destructoid’s Twitch channel!

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ZombieC0RPS   17
JuIc3   4
Wes Tacos   3



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