DeS: PUBG sues Fortnite for copyright infringement

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Why 2010 Sucked: Upping the Difficulty

I’m pretty sure it started with Enslaved. I was sitting on my chair, about the start the game when the typical “choose your difficulty” screen popped up. I stared at it for quite sometime, which was a new thing for me. I typically would j...


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Hello everyone! I'm Eric and welcome to my blog/profile! Gaming has been a major hobby and a big part of my life since I was a watching my dad play Legend of Zelda on the NES, and while I'd consider myself a average gamer, I have a lot of things to say about the games I play. As a PhD student, I see a lot of what I learn in my classes, seminars, and research being expressed in different ways though games, and it's my hope to use this blog as a way to discuss these things. This blog won't be for everyone. If you are afraid or big words, postmodern social theory, or intellectualism, then steer clear. Otherwise, enjoy, comment, and have fun!

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