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Alan Wake Lead Writer Interview

I found a tasty interview with Sam Lake the lead writer of Alan Wake where he talks about the story of Alan Wake at a little more length. Teh interview is about 30 minutes long and he talsk alot about the internal struggles of the main...


The Great Perma Death Debate.

Hi all and welcome back to the grand re-opening of my blog. It has been awhile and the landscape here has changed a little, but all in all it is great to be back talking about one of my favorite gaming genres the MMORPG. So without furth...


About Eric Mone of us since 11:29 PM on 07.03.2008

I thought I would restart this blog and write a littel bit about the news I run across and my thoughts on the state of the industry. Also I may do game reivews and rant from time to time. Enjoy!