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Dtoid Community Discusses pt 21*: E3 Impressions

Hello everyone for another installment of Destructoid Community Discusses. For the uninitiated, this is a community blog in which we allow our community members to converse with other community members and talk about various video game related topics. So it's pretty much a giant geekfest that anybody on the site can participate in.

Since E3 was a few weeks ago, I figured that there was just no getting around the topic. So this week's discussion is focused around the various announcements. We also had the a very large number of participants from the community, including Tactix, CrimeMinister, Daxelman, Josh Hest, Y0j1mb0 and Gun Sage. Here is the prompt as it was presented to them:

E3 2010

"Christmas in June has started! The E3 press conferences have all been concluded and a ton of announcements have been made. Kinect, the 360 redesign, Zelda: Skyward Sword, the official unveiling of the 3DS, PlayStation Move, PlayStation 3 3D capabilities and Twisted Metal to name a few of the bombs that were dropped earlier in the week. There was plenty of announcements that were made, so I can’t list all of them, but allow me to fanboy out and state the following:

OMG!!!!! CHILD OF EDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!OMG!!OMG!!!

::Ahem, compose yourself ErbilT, you’re a big boy now::

As I was saying….

So, I have to ask if there is anything that made your jaw drop in excitement? Is there anything that was shown that you cannot wait to get your mittens on and why are you excited about it? Also, I’m interested in hearing what you thought were the absolute stinkers of the show and why are you repulsed by their very existence. “

Why was I the only one excited for this?


Alright, so I guess I will start with my raging hard-on for the 3DS, holy shit. Nintendo's presser was the gift that kept giving. They kicked it off with the only game that I knew was happening coming in and then moved into high gear. They kept going with tons and tons of reveals that blew my mind more and more each time. I haven't played too much Donkey Kong Country (only one of them for gameboy) and the result was me not really giving a fuck about the whole series. I still managed to get giddy when they revealed Donkey Kong Returns. Due to the 45 seconds of what I saw I'm now anticipating that game like mad. They also brought me Kirby MADE OUT OF STRING. The 3DS happened and was cool, but I was yelling like a Mexican soccer announcer when Kid Icarus was announced.

The fun didn't stop there, they kept pumping out games for 3DS that got increasingly more awesome. I was really surprised by the stealth announcements of the 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time and Star Fox64.

That turned into more of a recap...


Yeah, I have to agree with Spencer. The 3DS won best of show for me in the overall category, and Kirby's Epic Yarn won best of show in the game category, but there's a far share of a lot of things that I'm excited about from E3. Contrary to popular opinion, I'm actually looking forward to seeing what happens with Kinect beyond launch. Ubisoft's fitness game looked really cool the way it showed off the sensor capabilities, and Dance Central is going to teach me how to dance. Hey, if that white guy can do it, I can do it, and I'm black, yo.

Sony's got me interested with Portal 2 and Steamworks, which could lead to the Orange Box finally getting some love on the PS3, or on a broader scale, if MS wises up and stops forcing payment for free updates, the Orange Box getting love on both the PS3 and 360, which I really hope happens. I know some guys who can't stand PC controls for FPS games, but would really like to get into TF2. Other than that, I'm just kinda perplexed why we didn't see more of games like Brink or Marvel vs Capcom 3 or even the new Castlevania. Did MS/Sony just pay of Activision/EA respectively to show stuff and not anyone else?

We both said a lot of things that you're going to regret.

I bet it's because they knew how awesome Konami's presser was going to be and didn't even bother. EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM!

Pure sex.

Josh Hest

If no one else is going to do it, I'll be Tactix: KARAOKE REVOLUTION -GLEE EDITION!

One of these days, I'll watch this.
Seriously, I was blown away by Nintendo. I've been looking for excuses to put down my newfangled XBOXes and PS3s lately, and taking some time to revisit old friends in the form of Ocarina of Time and Kid Icarus sound like just the right way to do that.

Also, I'm trying to play the optimist on the Kinect. In my opinion anything that lets gamers interact with the medium in a different (preferably tolerable) way is a good thing. And the system as I saw during the demos looks tight and responsive--something that wouldn't drive you insane (Forza ftw!).

Congratulations to E3 for making such a great comeback as one of the premiere trade shows for the industry; more than that, congratulations for making gaming something to be excited about in the coming year!

Just had to throw a little wrench into the 3DS lovefest that's going on... :-)


I'm going to echo Spencer's rather strong sexual attraction to the Nintendo 3DS. Hearing about it's 3D capabilities without glasses is what turned my initial reaction to it when it was first announced from "meh" to " I NEED one." I'm itching to get my hands on it to see with my own eyes how its 3D implementation really is and if it compares or equals what is being shown on the latest high end 3D HDTVs. Yet even though my curiosity is beyond piqued I can't help but feel that Nintendo pretty much bamboozled all the people that purchased a DSi or DSi XL. How long will this new 3DS be out before the next iteration comes out with an added upgrade for a little more money to sap from us.

Not trying to dampen anybody's excitement here but Nintendo's handheld, as future revisions of the 3DS are a given and it wont just be one or two but way more if you take their history into account. It sure would be nice to purchase one of their handheld systems and it not become obsolete immediately due to the next one one in the assembly line they're putting the finishing touches on and haven't rolled out the door yet.

As for their lineup of games... hell yeah. This is the one area where Nintendo ( and Sony ) were head and shoulders above Microsoft showing. There's a reason why I buy a Nintendo console without fail everytime they put one out, and that's because of their first party games. Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Donkey Kong Country and Kid Icarus? Yes please. The only thing missing was a new Pikmin game for the 3DS and that's probably in the works. I know they ( Nintendo ) got reamed for past presentations but it takes time to reload for awesomeness and it looks like they are fully armed with a wealth of first party games that look and play fantastic.

As for Microsoft's showing I was less than thrilled. I really wanted to see something shown gamewise that justified a purchase for Kinect. Newsflash: I did not. Seriously the people that ridiculed Nintendo for their "waggleness" should of had a field day with what was shown. And this is from someone who could see Kinect and its potential as ground breaking. Unfortunately the majority that was shown, in my humble opinion, equated to silly flapping about nonsense. What I feared most about it came true... it's merely a tool to utilize for more impending shovelware to make a quick buck out of the casual crowd and those that don't know better.

As for their games shown it looks like they really need more fantastic 1st party support or just new exclusives because aside from the usual standbys of Gears, Fable and of course Halo, I didn't see a lot there that got me wanting for anything. If it wasn't for their new "Slim" console reveal their showing would of been really really poor. But hey, I'm sure people will pick up one of their new slicker 360s. Hell, I almost felt a tug at my wallet to get too when I saw it. I think I'll wait til a little bit to see how they fare as far as longevity is concerned. They should of put Blu-ray on that puppy and I would of been sold on the spot.

Good to see you back, Sweettooth

As for Sony, well they had Twisted Metal. I'm good. Seriously though, I'm weary of motion controls now being the rage but at least like the Wii, the Move's implementation in games seems less convoluted than Kinetic. And more practical as well. I really would love an RTS with Move, hell with the Wii's stuff too! I just fear a flood of shovelware of waggle crap coming for it too. Overall I was still excited by E3. How could you not be? I LOVE videogames, you love videogames, new videogames were shown. I found at least 3 games from everybody's presentation that I have to get, if not way more, that I didn't have on my purchase list. Mission E3 was yet again a successful endeavor. Here's to the future and all the games that come with it.

Gun Sage

To be completely honest, at first I really didn't care. This is because A) there were a lot of games I'd forgotten about or didn't think would be shown (and some weren't) and B) last year's E3 was kinda meh. Boy, am I glad I was wrong. I was a little peeved that most of Microsoft and Sony's shows were trying to justify technology both they and their fanboys originally scoffed at and now are trying to get into the market with.

Even still, in their own respective ways, there are a few titles that supposedly utilize these new hardware features that could be good...then again, we thought Red Steel was going to be good, too. I was especially wow'd by the Nintendo conference as they dropped all kinds of stuff I wasn't, but probably should have, been expecting.
If anything, I felt the Sony conference was lacking the most wow factor, which doesn't speak well for them as I'm still not convinced I "need" a PS3. Metal Gear Solid Rising does look like the sex, though.


I'm more interested in the games that didn't get the most E3 spotlight though. Brink's caught my eye even more that it did before? Customizable on the fly missions based on how much I suck at whichever class? Gone of the days of apologizing to the rest of the guys for sucking; now the game gives me stuff that I can do, and is actually important to the overall success if the team. Finally, I will be a credit to a team.

Will Brink be able to lure non-FPS players into the fold?

Rage looks like the first FPS game that gets in-game driving right, but I only think it'll work if your using a console based controller. I saw some of the gameplay videos, and you don't see that wonky controlled camera, or stop and go driving. It looks like it controls kinda like Burnout would, except with auto turrets on your car.

And lets face it, we're all going to buy Metal Gear Solid: Rising because cutting things in half is awesome.


Microsoft Kinect

I want to believe.

While the technology is totally awesome and futuristic, the games that were showed in order to showcase the technology were just disappointing to me. Dance Central was a great game and fun to play, but other than that the other games just didn't scream "awesome" to me. The games looked "cute" but for the hardcore gamer in us, I feel they made the mistake of going the route of Nintendo at last years conference.

I had hands on with the racing game and Kinect adventures and while they were fun to play, I don't see myself wanting to play them outside a fun 10 minute at a time thing.

The other problem is the rumored price point which was sort of confirmed just yesterday, at 149.99. If that's what this Kinect Experience is going for, I think most people, including myself, are going to just turn away.
(And also, just to add to the above conversations...yes...you need a 3DS. I can tell you from experience that it freaking WORKS as advertised and is AMAZING to play with)


Alright, I guess I will jump back in. I didn't hate the Microsoft conference as much as everyone else seemed to, I thought they had some cool stuff that I might like. I was really impressed by gears of war 3. I thought it looked fantastic. This isn't to say that the first two weren't impressive but there is something about jungles that impresses me.

I also thought the Xbox redesign was neat. I don't have an Xbox myself, and I haven't really wanted one, but the sheer sexiness of that small Darth Vader looking box made me want one pretty badly. My one complaint with the new Xbox is that the system is glossy and the controller is matte, which bugs the shit out of me.

Josh Hest

Tell me how much the 3DS is going to cost.


Anyone that knows me also knows that I am amazingly and sometimes irrationally cheap. How much this thing costs is going to play a huge factor in whether or not I'm a first-run adopter or not.

Think about it--you can get a Wii for almost $150 bucks now and an XBOX360 for something way less than that...I know they're not totally comparable but that's a lot of purchased distraction before I absolutely have to have something new...

Yeah, we know what it prints....


Josh,if your frugality thinks 150 bucks is too steep, your status as a first-run adopter will be non existent. It will be more than that. My guess is it will be 199.99 and it will sell like hotcakes. Who knows, it may even be more with a pack in game.


I feel like the 3DS could use a Metroid Prime: first hunt style thing to help push the 3d deal.

Josh Hest

I was thinking that another Dementium game would be amazing on 3DS. It already scared me enough with the pixel-ridden, 3D-ish monsters in the last one!


And that concludes the 21st Community Discusses. Please note that all of my CD blogs will be denoted with an asterisk, as they are not written by Tactix. I won't be kicking off another discussion until the middle of next week, due to my birthday and the upcoming 4th of July weekend. With that said, I am hoping that I'll be set up to actually make the next discussion into a Podcast. So as always, if you are interested, by all means send me an email at [email protected] and I'll be sure to keep in contact with you guys. Thanks for reading and stay awesome.
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