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I hate 3rd party devs for not making Wii games.

Get the fuck to it. I wish I could like my Wii as much as my Xbox. I put off Xbox for almost 5 years in the hopes that Wii would get some better games. It didn't. I felt left out. Bully. MadWorld. RE4 Wii Edition. Excitebots. Games I own(ed). They're all fantastic games. I bought maybe a Wii game every month or so. I've had my Xbox a month and a half, and I have... 6 games I think it is. Saying the Wiis graphics aren't up to date is no excuse. As I recall, you can make a good game without uber graphics. Yeah, you can. I have 3 games on my list that I have to buy for Wii, without a doubt. Red Steel 2, No More Heroes 2, and Silent Hill: SM. (Thanks for sealing the deal Destructoid) My Xbox list is over 2 times that. Well over. So I ask you, where is your excuse? It better be good, damn it. Good like making games for Wii gives you AIDS. Or your dick falls off, and gets eaten by rabid dogs.

If your wang is not in this dogs mouth, you have no excuse.

Let's go through some examples of Wii games shall we?

RE4: Wii Edition. Well it's RE4. You can't go wrong. But is it better than GC? Having played both, I'm going to say yes. Yes it is. Better controls. End of story. The made one of the best games ever, better. (Before you bring up Okami, I didn't really love it on Wii. Sketchy line detection REALLY pissed me off)

MadWorld: It's fun on such a basic, brutal level, and so immensely fun, you just can't say no. Sure, the beat 'em up mechanics are solid, but not revolutionary by any means. But neither is Castle Crashers (if you haven't noticed by me bringing this up for the second post in a row, I love this game). It's still hella awesome. Boom, good original Wii game. Go Platinum Games.

Little Kings Story: Sounds really awesome, although I haven't played it. It's on my "See for 30$, buy" list. Without hesitation. Colour me excited.

Zack and Wiki: I don't like point and click adventures, but it's one of the most highly acclaimed games on Wii. If others like it so much, there must be some merit.

Ok, I'm out of examples, but I'm just blanking out right now. There are maybe 1 or 2 more (hurr hurr hurr). Don't get me wrong though. I love the Wii. My white... prism isn't used as much as it should be though. And I exclusively blame 3rd party developpers. Some say Nintendo is slacking with their new games. I respectfully disagree. I love the NSMB Wii. I didn't buy it though, because I'm building my library of Xbox games, and I played through3 and a half worlds already. It's hella fun. Are you saying Twilight Princess sucked? It EMBODIED Zelda. Maybe not the best, but it was well worth playing. Did you not like Super Mario Galaxy? It's one of my favorite games of all times. Ever. It is better than Super Mario 64, even considering the generation gap between them. Metroid: Other M looks.. curious. But that's Team Ninja! So we're all good!

Going WWE on his ass.

I really hope somebody from some awesome new team reads this. We really new IPs, be daring. A new series to look forward to. Give us a Borderlands. Give us a BioShock. Give us something that defines the Wii!

No bad ideas please?

Vomit is the gameplay hook. May induce vomitting in gamers.
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