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Battlefield BC:2 beta on 360 > MW2

The download is about 1.35gb. Is it worth your time, as it's free? The answer is sweet Jesus yes. Now, if you're angry about the title, I'm not done. It's better for me, and quite probably a whole legion of other people. Unlike Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (for those who didn't already know... noob), it is not a shooting gallery in a tiny map. It is a large-ish scale team based game. Now, while 24 players is no 256, it is still no slouch. You go in squads of 4, possibly with your friends, possibly with strangers, and in the beta, you set or disarm charges, depending on what side you are. There is only one map. I have already played this map a dozen or more times. It, in itself, I would pay a few bucks for. If you're unfamiliar with the Battlefield series, it originated on PC, where large amounts of players would go by foot, on boats, in tanks, or in helicopters and planes, and basically have a huge war. Oh yeah, it's as fun as it sounds. Bad Company 2 is a bit of a departure, with smaller battles, change of console, and improved game mechanics, such as fully destructible environments. Now, here's where you're going to have to stay with me.

More like No Thank You

I like it a lot better than Modern Warfare 2, and I've only played one map. Now you may be saying "BaTtLeFiLd sux now tahyt it isnt on PC n MW ROOOOOLSZZZ!", or something more civilized, but I'm going to point out why it's for different people. First off, MW2 is for self-minded players. Admit it, you don't give a shit if you team loses. As long as you did the best, it was worth it. In Bad Company 2, that is most certainly not the case. There will be points where entire teams are on the frontline, engaged in a massive firefight, and if you're stupid, you will die outright in two seconds flat. A tank or two, a whole bunch of grunts and maybe a helicopter will be all fighting for one point. Obviously, some prefer the finesse of sniping those who are exposed. And, of course, some people like to be that guy with a grenade launcher who blows the snipers cover into smithereens. But I've never been so engaged in a MW2 match, period. I admit, it is a great game, and very intense at times, but I would rather be playing for a team that I actually am trying my hardest for, as opposed to trying to grind.

Another valid reason is it's just plain more fun with friends. You can spawn next to people in your squad, so if you and a few friends are playing on the same team, you can basically roll as a pack the ENTIRE TIME. I can't stress that enough, you have the option of being with them the whole game, and coordination is much easier.

There's one more, and this is the kicker for me; scale. The scale is simply amazing. Once again, not MAG, but I'll take it. MW2 has some decent sized, even large maps. The beta map is divided into 3 parts, each about as big as those in Modern Warfare 2. And while it's sometimes hard to find people in MW2, you will have no problem finding a fight, as they ingeniously constructed this map to funnel people into a main conflict, while having enough distinct sections so that there can be smaller scale, but very real fights going on at the same time.

For those of you who really and truly love MW2, go for it. I don't care. But if I can have at least one more person online consistently when Bad Company 2 releases, I suppose my job is done.


Note, the game is in beta. Some matches were quite laggy, but I had no trouble in most. I expect them to fix this, and if they don't, it will make me sad.
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