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Ten things you didn't know about me. Probably.

Here's ten things regarding Destructoid.com community member Epic-Kx.  

10:  I've lived in Six States so far.

I was born in Chicago, Illinois.  From there, living on the city's south side, I experienced my first twelve years of life there.  My childhood--which includes my personal tastes, preferences, knowledge of the world, and of course my love of video games--all budded there, in the comfort (I called it 'confinement' at a young age, due to how "dangerous" the areas we lived in tend to be) of my home, with my family.   Up until the age of thirteen, my mother, younger brother and I decided to move to Iowa to pursue a much safer environment and better learning area.  That's when I would say my life would really begin. I began to meet new people.  My 'sheltered' lifestyle began to shed away.  I explored the city I lived in, and it felt...really good.  Outside to brief stints in Indiana, New Jersey and Arkansas It's hard to say where my love goes--to Chicago, or to the quiet suburbia of Iowa City/Coralville/Cedar Rapids--but I'd never want to forget it.  Now, I live in Georgia with my family.  Its' definitely a 'new' experience, to say the least, but I really enjoy it.  Lovely atmosphere, good food, and hell Athens looks like it's gonna be great from my college years.

9:  I've had a peculiar experience with rodents.

I hate rodents.  I really do.  They're hideous, disease filled pests.  Unlike other people who are afraid of heights or spiders or drowning, I just...can't stand rats.  I think it's because at around the age of eight or so, I had a house mouse shit on my chest while I was sleeping and bite the shit out of me in my sleep.  This kind of transfers to a lot of media. To keep this blog as VG focused as possible, this phobia has made it difficult for me to finish games like Dishonored, and recently Dark Souls' depths section (thank CHRIST for the Master Key).

8:  Accident-prone.  

Woo, more laughter at the expense of my pain.  But yes, I'm extremely accident prone.   I've had countless trips, stumbles, bike falls, skateboard fumbles, faceplants, bites, scratches, cuts, etc. due to the fault of my clumsiness.  Fortunately they haven't been drastic injuries or anything.  Worst I've gotten was a fractured arm or drowning in a pool.  

7:  I joined Destructoid at around 2009.  

I've gone from Epic-Koryuken > EpicKxDtoid > Epic-Kx > and now, to a simpler web handle.  Either Epic or 'Silky' tends to work.  I've joined the site at 09, and I've been more or less on the front page/forum/interacting with the rest of community even today
(Especially if you follow me on twitter. :P)  I really love this site, and I wish I could contribute more to it.  Hopefully things like my blogs/posts are more than enough.  So this might be brief, and abrupt, but--thanks.  Thanks a lot, guys.

6: I don't smile.

...Well sometimes I smile.

5: I'm a huge fan of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
I started gettting into the series at around ~2008.  Fortunately there was plenty of material for me to enjoy/indulge in.  Since then, along with One Piece, the series has always been a staple of what I consider 'good shonen' (well it's seinen now.)  I love everything about JoJo.  It's presentation.  It's flamboyant cast and characters.  The ability to possess a lot of great multicultural characters without them falling into obtuse/annoying stereotypes.  The 'ORAORAORAORAORAORAs'.  Definitely a series I'd want to enjoy sharing with my children.

4: I currently own these consoles.
SNES - Given to me by my mother.   (Technically my first console.  The first one I've seen, really.  Here I played my first games--Super Street Fighter 2 and Killer Instinct.) 
Sega Genesis - My /real/ first console.  Something I owned completely.  From there I owned Sonic 2, and haven't looked back.
Playstation - My first games were Crash Bandicoot: Warped, Ape Escape and X-Men vs Street Fighter.
Dreamcast - I owned a Dreamcast that one time!
Playstation 2 - First games were Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando, and my first experience with the MGS series - - MGS2.  The first game that me and my grandfather (Vietnam veteran.) sat through and discussed, and a game I convinced him to play! 
Xbox - First exposure to online/competitive gaming outside of fighting games.  Own Halo and Jet Set Radio Future as my first titles.
Gamecube - ...well, I had a Gamecube. 
Xbox 360 - Went through ~two 360s.  Currently sitting at a catalog of classic games/platformers.  A lot of my old purchases  from older consoles are here.  I'll be keeping this as it'll be the easier way to return to my older games.
Playstation 3 - ...well , I own a PS3.

3: I'm unemployed.

2: I intend on going to university to pursue a masters degree in English.

Something I don't really go into a lot of detail about is that I have a passion for writing.  I love writing, and I think something like Writing is a great way to explore my thoughts.  I sometimes have difficulty of expressing my thoughts through voice, so having them written out is very helpful for me.  I don't aim for anything big at all--hopefully with a masters in English, I could probably be a teacher or something.  Publish short stories.  Hell I could be a videogame writer with how basic my works are.  That isn't saying that video game writers are bottom of the barrel, baby mode writers.  I have a lot of respect for that field, but that's not something I want to pursue.  I want to create things that will make me happy.

1: I want to cosplay Gyro Zeppelli.

look at this smug bastard isn't he great
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