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Hello Quandrum; My Name is Emily.

Hmmm, is Quandrum Even in The English Language...? Well, Lets Just Say i'm This Close To Writing A Pros && Cons Between Fable Two && Left4Dead. i'm Debating Which Game i Should Play All Night- Seeing As its Almost 2 am... i AM RUNNiNG OUT O...


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So; My Name is Emily- i've Been Gaming Since i Was A Little Girl. i Live in Californiaaaahhhh, i'm A Senior in HighSpizzle. My Birth Was On 69 -_- haha (june 9) My Favorite Types Of Games Are MMO's && RPG's. From Time To Time i Do Enjoy Some FPS Action. i'm A HUGE Dork && DAMN Proud. My Obsession At The Momment is LEFT4DEAD (i've always had a soft spot for zombies)-&& i Recently Splurged On A 360. [finally!!!] i Own A Wii && A 360 As Far As New Gen Go. if We're Talking Old School- i Have Them ALL Accept For Sega && Dreamcast. WOW Fried My CompyBaby ): So i Am Appalled The Thought Of A BloodElf. Oh && i still Play Diablo Two Religously(: Anyway, i'm Not A Competitive Asshole-BUUUTTTT i Like To Have Fun && Win! Wooo!