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Shut up you faggy homo guy!

Yeah, that's what he said. Apparently he didn't like my pansy voice. He's not the first guy in a game of MAG to mistake me for a "faggy homo guy" and to be honest I wasn't actually upset because I was confused for a male - I was upset that people still seem to have a prejudice against anyone who is different. I might have actually been a gay male, I might have been a straight male with an effeminate voice... or I might even be a 47 year old woman (who apparently just sounds like a gay male to some people).

It wasn't just this once... twice in the last week I've had some idiot rip into me because he assumed I was a gay male based on my voice. In other situations I've been much more politely asked "are you gay, no big deal, but just wonderin?" It's rather odd that as a female gamer, I'm running into online prejudice... not against females, but against gay males! Prejudice against females also exists... I had a female squad leader recently who spoke up and had one of those "13 year old little girl voices" and a vote to kick was immediately started against her. Luckily it didn't take and ironically she and I came in as 1st and 2nd game MVP's (which is always a wonderful revenge against some idiot who wants to vote out a woman based on gender). I do also get asked if I'm a "girl"... but I've rarely been harassed and in fact most guys seem keen to add me to their buddy lists. Even when I do run into the very rare idiot who takes exception to my actual gender, I have to say I've never been faced with such vile vocal vehemence of being mistaken for a gay male.

All in all, I think that PSN is generally pretty good. Even in that one instance where I was told to "shut the fuck up you faggy homo guy"... I was actually so stunned that he went on for about a full minute spewing his hate. I finally cut him off and simply said "you're an asshole. I'm a 47 year old woman, I'm a level 58, and I'm your Platoon Leader... so YOU shut the fuck up!" The squad leader in our squad then spoke up and said "one more word from him and he'll get kicked" and there were murmurs of agreement from others in the squad. A few made comments that even if I was a gay guy it shouldn't matter. We continued the game and actually had an awesome game and while the gay-hating guy stayed in in our squad, he never spoke up again. While the words "gay" and "fag" are occasionally used in PSN online play, it's rarely used against an actual homosexual male... but more often in just a more general South Park sense, even then I dont' hear those words all that often.

I guess I could use the voice changer. It's actually remarkable at making me grow a pair of instant balls and letting me sound like a burly hormonally blessed male with a large collection of girly magazines. Unfortunately there's no disguising a female "turn of phrase". If I move the voice changer even one notch upward... I sound like Marvin the Martian. There seems to be no happy medium, so the voice changer is out.

Ah well... one thing that's always interesting about online play is that the anonymity inherent in the medium does provide for interesting situations. While I get to experience for myself the prejudice that some male gay gamers might face, I also have some wonderful and fun times with people from all over the world. I try to maintain a sense of humour about most situations... though it's difficult when you have some kid teamkilling you shouting "girls don't game" or ripping into you for being a "faggy homo guy" - still, I try to think of it as watching Jerry Springer, a reminder that idiots exist in this world... and while it's sad, they're luckily still a minority.

EDIT: Sorry for the offensive title... but it's a direct quote. I detest that this type of prejudice exists against gay males or those with effeminate voices, but just wanted to write about my experience.
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