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Last week we had "God" as our OIC (commanding officer) in MAG. Yes, he kept saying "I am God" and he was on team broadcast through the entire game which meant that he was speaking to all 128 players on the Raven side... and he wouldn't SHUT UP. The "N" word and various other expletives and swear words were unceasingly shouted in our ears with the ubiquitous "F" word being used as a constant adjective... and apparently he was "50% black, 50% white and 50% native" (though it was also apparent that he didn't complete even 1% of Grade 2 math). Nothing was sacred and the guy did his best to offend those who were gay, then those who weren't gay. About halfway through the game, most of his platoon was more interested in hunting him down and teamkilling him, instead of killing the enemy and winning the game. The only way to mute him was to mute everybody because the game only allows you to quickly mute individuals in your own squad. We eventually figured out that by sending him a PSN note, we could then use that note to do the "block" option, thereby finally muting him - but we didn't figure that out until after our second game with God as our OIC. He also took great pleasure in reading all of the hate notes he was getting on PSN and responding to them... on team chat.

Yes, the constant verbal abuse was awful, yes, it impacted on my gameplay... but it reminded me of an earlier (and worst) incident that took place earlier that same week. We had 9 people in our group for MAG so when the game started, I got split off on my own and was squad leader for a bunch of randoms. As often happens, there was a vote to kick the squad leader (me) and one of my squad members spoke up and said "why do you want to kick her, she doing a good job!" and he had a "black" type voice. Well immediately another voice popped up with a "shut up N-word" and it was ON. Oh lord was it on. They immediately started screaming insults at each other to the point where I finally screamed "would you both shut the fuck up... I can't even hear myself think!"... and a small voice popped up with "hey man, we're just having fun... if that inbred hilllbilly pussy wants to call me a"... and off they went again. They were so loud that the Dtoid crew in another squad could hear them on prox chat and were laughing at the squad I got stuck with. The thing that stood out though was "we're just having fun"... and the weird part was that they were. They loved shouting insults at each other and questioning everything from each others manhood to parenthood. It was a game within the game for them.

There are two types of verbal abusers in online gaming... there are the examples above of people who just love to get into an interpersonal mud slinging match (where apparently the winner is the one covered in the most mud) and there are the frustrated tourettes syndrome verbal abusers. My husband Mongoose falls into this second type. When he's killed there is often a stream of loudly rendered profanities directed at the guy who killed him. It's purely a reaction... rather like banging your thumb with a hammer. I still remember Talia yelling in her sweet voice "quit fucking killing me!"... and I still laugh because that's pretty much what we're all thinking! It just comes out verbally in an automatic reaction to the frustration of the game. This type of verbalization I pretty much ignore now - it's not personal even when some guy is yelling "f'ing lag switcher" at me when I knifed him. Myself, I rarely get frustrated when being killed by the opposition, but I do get frustrated with people on my own team and I've been known to yell at the "f'ing moron who is using our spawn vehicle as a disposable personal taxi to the enemies door". It's frustration and the moment of the game. The guy likely isn't an actual moron... though he's doing a pretty great impersonation of one.

The thing is... if you're going to play online and not mute people, you're going to hear offensive language. Think about these two stories. Think about what words offend you. What words would you not use in front of your parents?... or your children? Why would you not use those words? What use of words would make you leave a game? Why are those specific words offensive to you?

Tomorrow I'll post the rest of this blog...cause otherwise it would be way, way too long!!

EDIT: Link to part 2
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