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my favorite video game character....


My favorite video game character represents everything I want in a female game character. She's usually older and wiser, with white or graying hair. She is brave, independent and incredibly moral; choosing the path of good, though occasionally straying from that path. She is hardworking, smart and wealthy... owning a multitude of homes and has even invested in several small businesses. She is aware of her sexuality and can sometimes be found roaming the lands of Tamriel in a cute little gold chainmail bikini that she acquired in the Shivering Isles, just because it feels good... at other times she is attired in more serious battle armour.

She's been around for 32 years now and started out standing in an open field west of a white house, and her adventures led her though many dark and scary caves where she might have been eaten by a grue. She survived and went on to explore the Forgotten Realms where she met many wonderful friends. She still has very fond memories of Minsc and Jaheira. She's had the ability to transform into a Dragon while in Rivellon, and she's been a bigamist in Albion.

Speaking of bigamy... she's not had much luck in the romance department. Her first boyfriend was Anomen, but she found him so needy and clingy that she dumped him before the romance got too serious. She married a rather ugly man in Albion just to have children... and then cheated on him by marrying a woman (yes, she's been a lesbian!). Neither romance was very satisfactory. While saving Ferelden she fell deeply in love with Alistair, who unfortunately dumped her once he became King (love... or wanting to be Queen... it's a fine line!) She was bitter, but soldiered on... she didn't really need a man. Later on she met Anders, who was now a psychotic, possessed Mage and he wanted her... but she really didn't need a high maintenance, needy boyfriend with a dissociative personality disorder, and yes, she was a bit cruel to him. Instead she kinda liked the skinny, cranky little Elf man, Fenris, but much as she tried, romance just wasn't in the cards and they ended up just being friends. While recently in the Province of Skyrim she got married again... to a local blacksmith who promptly quit his job and moved into her house. She was a little pissed off about him quitting his job because now she had to enter her house every time she wanted to buy or sell something. She went back in time a bit and unmarried the blacksmith... but felt a little guilty whenever she came across him after that quickie load-earlier-savegame divorce! Yeah, romance hasn't been so kind to my favorite game character, but that's ok... she has many more adventures to come and may yet find some romance!

She's held many menial jobs like cutting wood, mixing potions or blacksmithing. She doesn't mind a little hard work, but she admittedly gets bored and tends to prefer raiding dungeons for lost treasures to earn her money. She works well in larger corporations though and can quickly rise to the top where she can manage structures like the Mage's Guild, Fighter's Guild and Thieves Guilds... all at the same time (She's a multi-tasker!). She's very fiscally minded and usually has lots of money and the first thing she does on entering a new land is try to buy a house. Her favorite house is still a modest manor home in the seaside town of Anvil where the sunset view from the lighthouse is glorious. She rarely if ever gambles, even when the opportunity is present. She just doesn't like gambling very much and prefers simple hard work.

In some far-off wars she's had to pull a Joan of Arc. She's disguised herself as a man and valiantly picked up a gun and led her men into battle. There's no disguising her voice though, and people sometimes seem surprised... but the surprise quickly fades, and talk turns to tactics once again. She's seen the brutality of those wars and been teabagged many times, but she continues to fight on. For some reason, when she's disguised as a man, she's not very nice and god-forbid the soldier who steals her tank or her jeep for she will verbally castrate these barbie doll men who don't actually have any visible manly bits. She can be a bit bossy, but she just wants her soldiers to win their battle! She's often an Armchair General taking on a leadership role and telling her little group of soldiers what they should be doing, but every once in awhile she simply sits back and snipes... watching her squad dying bravely on the front lines, with nary a care. Occasionally she doesn't even need to disguise herself and can be a female soldier on the frontlines, getting that mega-kill while being Unreal!

She's a complex woman who has had many, many adventures over the years. She's brave, moral and hardworking, but every once in awhile she does something dickish... just to be contrary and stay human, because too much adoration can be boring. Sometimes she delights in wearing feminine, pretty clothes, while at other times she's deadly serious and will wear something ugly if it's practical. She's my favorite video game character because she's unique, yet always the same and because she has such a long history. Yes, it's egotistical to admit it, but my favorite video game character is me. She's not like the real me... but she's a different me...and that truly is one of the wondrous and magical things about video games.

... and before the greying hair!
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