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Elsa's Review of Randombullseye's Review of Jim Sterling's Review of Saboteur

Doing reviews of reviews of reviews is always a tricky thing. I have the greatest respect for Randombullseye, for Jim and for the game the Saboteur (even though I've never played with any of them). However, it's Saturday, I'm bored. If you are as bored as I am, then hit the jump to read on!

I have no idea what Randombullseye looks like... but let's pretend he looks like this!

Subject: Review of the Review of the Saboteur (a Destructoid exclusive)
Author: Elsa's review of Randombullseye's review of Jim's review
Released: December 5, 2009
MSRP: $1,000,000

Reviewing a review is what gamers do... usually with such illustrious comments as "this blows" or "Jim sucks", but let's just take it one step even further and review a review of a review, something this gamer has always wanted to review.

I'll start by saying that the writing clarity and skills are much evident in Randombullseye's review of Jim Sterling's review. He intelligibly makes his point in his review that Jim's review left him perplexed on certain aspects of the game and he felt there was a need for further clarification. Randombullseye has also effectively used wonderful graphics of Destructoid's beloved Jim Sterling to emphasize plot points in his review of Jim's review. In the end, his review clearly recommended Jim's review but makes the point that no one wants to read anything on a Saturday... because that's the way they do things in America.

While overall I found Randombullseye's Review of Jim's Review to be exceptional, I must say that the last part was narrow minded and overly critical. There are other nationalities on this site... people that do read reviews, and reviews of reviews on a Saturday. There might even be someone out there who will read this review of the review of a review... on a Saturday!

... and those people might even be ... CANADIANS!

SCORE: 9.5 -- Excellent

Don't miss out on reading Randombullseye's Review of Jim Sterling's Review of The Saboteur!

or reading Jim Sterling's Review of The Saboteur
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