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Casting Call: Chester the Skeleton


So there you have it! Are you undead? Are you a skeleton? Consider a career in video games. It's one of the oldest roles in gaming and offers stability with a stellar history and tons of upcoming roles. Skeletons can get steady work as extras but can also rise to become mini-bosses, boss characters, and even the star of a game. Next time you switch out your sword for a blunt hammer and start bashing skeletons, remember that one of those nameless enemies could be Chester or one of his friends.

I'd like to thank Chester for taking the time out of his busy schedule to sit down with me for my first ever interview. I've been trying to contact Melanie the Zombie for my next interview, but she's apparently busy doing the talk show circuit after the release of Dead Rising, the Zombie mode in Call of Duty, and the currently popular Zombie trend in games, TV and movies. A few of the pacman ghosts have been in contact with me trying to get an interview because they're worried about the loss of ghost popularity, but I think that the next interview might be with Mike, who often plays "the nameless AI guy" from so many shooter games. He's actually got an incredible sense of humour and it turns out that his bad aim is often on purpose... and he wanders off in the wrong direction so he can make a quick call to his wife!

Thanks for reading! Elsa out. (and yes, I was very bored this weekend!)
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