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Let's play Destructoid!

It's a new game!  You load it up and it's sooo shiny and pretty!  You roll your mouse around the page and all kinds of things pop up and pop down - so next gen!  Ok, time to start playing.  Let's begin by c...


Killzone 3 - beta code contest entry

I played Killzone 2... a lot... maybe too much.  I got the 1% ribbon based not on skill, but on the simple fact that I played too much Killzone.  I wasn't the only female that played Killzone 2, there were lots of us.  ...


Screw you Two Worlds 2!

Game delays have been around forever... remember those early announcements for Shenmue 3 being "in development"?  Remember when Twilight Princess was delayed for over a year only to show up as a launch game for the new Wii ...


The Possibilities for the PS3... a look back at UT3.

UT3 seems to be an overlooked game in the PS3 library, yet it's a game that showed many of the true possibilities of the PS3 system. Just a few of the things they managed to incorporate were: Keyboard and mouse support! You could play t...


Bullshit! (Offensive Part 2)

Yesterday I posted a blog about two recent incidents in online gaming where I was subject to a constant stream of offensive language. The reason that this blog is called "Bullshit!" is twofold. First it's in reference to a sweet gal who...



Last week we had "God" as our OIC (commanding officer) in MAG. Yes, he kept saying "I am God" and he was on team broadcast through the entire game which meant that he was speaking to all 128 players on the Raven side... and he wouldn't S...


Men in skirts!

As I said to CrocBox during one of the Dtoid dinners at PAX, often a blog title just comes to me and the blog flows from that thought. My thought as I looked around PAX was that there were a lot of men in skirts in the crowd! As it turn...


Apparently we've never heard of birth control...

So I adopted 3 kids for PAX (Winged Kraby, Handy and Nihil), and my husband ended up adopting 2 more Dtoid kids from the group we regularly play MAG with (Byronic Man and Red TheHaze)... so yeah, 5 adopted kids!!! Most of them are older ki...


Contest Winner, Warhawk Wednesdays, Elsa's Blos.

Contest Winner: My last blog involved a contest where I was giving away my old Dreamcast system to a Dtoid member who would be at PAX (to save on shipping costs from Canada which would have been very expensive). Now I did say that the co...


Going to PAX... and want a free Dreamcast?

All this could be yours!! ContestToid! I'm looking to find my lil Dreamcast a new home. There is a working Dreamcast unit (recently tested), all the cords you'll ever need, several controllers and at least one working VMU memory unit. ...


SOCOM: I want to love you.

When I joined my first gaming community everyone was playing SOCOM 2. The blogs were filled with fun accounts of these games - who killed who, who won what game, the comraderie and fun of this team-based shooter. I was jealous. At the t...


Teh Bias: "Girl" Gamer Credibility

I recently acquired my Platinum trophy for the PS3 FPS game "MAG". I didn't really feel a sense of accomplishment so much as I felt a sense of being credible as a gamer. I now had something that I could drag out to say "yes, I REALLY am...


Al-Qaeda 3012

The year is 3012. It's a game that takes place in a far distant future to blur reality and view it through a different lense. You're an American with a family, a house, a dog and a white picket fence. Wars have ravaged America and you li...


I am a woman driver!

Yeah, I'm the stereotype of the "woman driver", but apparently it paid off for me Friday night when I got my medal in MAG for 250 run-over kills! I don't know why, but there is just something very satisfying about running over people in ...


Alternate Reality: Married Life

Livid with anger, I go storming out to the garage looking for my husband. Me: "Honey, that bastard dumped me! My husband: "what?" Me: "Alistair, from Dragon Age... I slept with him, made him King, and then he gives me this stupid speech...


The Retarded Dev that Designs Trophies/Achievements

Adjective: Retarded ri'taa(r)did 1. Relatively slow in mental or emotional or physical development Yes, I've come to the conclusion that the dev that designs the trophies or achievements for a game must be the retarded dev that isn't allow...


Fanboy Wars: The Game

There are currently four races of Fanboys in the game: The Microsoft race, the Sony race, the Nintendo race and the Others race. Now lets move on to the various classes of fanboys (and yes, you may also create your own custom class!) T...


ihas a new toy!

Yeah, I finally joined the Star Trek generation! I've never had a cell phone (never needed one), so I couldn't do the communicator thing, but with my web addiction I've been eyeing the IPad or an IPod touch (yeah, the maxi-Ipad or the mi...


I'm a fat whore.

Yeah, that's what the PSN note said... it said "Fat Whore!'. I laughed about it while playing MAG last night and Dan said "I'll bet you write a blog about this". My response was... "well, now that you've said it, you're right, I don't k...


The Great Escape: You're a dickhead! (possibly NSFW).

Yeah, "you're a dickhead!" I tend to say that a lot in multiplayer online games... "frago the bunker Clockwork, you dickhead!" "Quit shooting me in the ass Dan - you're a dickhead!" or even "look at Enkido's massive kill count... what a ...


Runs in the Family: 3 Dogs

This month's Monthly Musing topic was to relate our gaming to family. I initially though to write about how my husband took an interest in my gaming hobby... or how my parents and siblings tolerate my gaming hobby, or even about introduc...


I feel like I'm cheating on you.

I can feel your pull... wanting me to play with you. I don't know what it is, but I seem to get "stuck" on certain games and when I start up my PS3 I can feel the magnetic pull of that one game saying "play me!". Currently the game is M...


OMG! I'm in my undies!

Elsa Dress Up Yeah... it really is a game called "Elsa Dress Up". Apparently the main objective of the game is to "help Elsa choose the clothes that suit her the best"! Quick, I'm getting cold standing here in my industrial and very unh...


Dearest Rita...

Oh look.... Rita wants me to email her so she can send me her picture... in the hopes of a long lasting relationship. It's good that she saw my profile and knows that I'm married... and female. Then again, what with being vocally mistak...


Am I famous yet?

Hi! I write for another gaming website - mybigassgamingsite.com, but nobody comments on my stuff over there except for my Mom and a few friends that I have blackmail photos of, so I'm copying all my crap over here in hopes that my outsta...


E for Effort: I can't jump.

It seems that many people grew up playing platforming games. In the arcades of the early 80's, people joyously jumped while playing Donkey Kong - a platforming game featuring a giant ape, a little guy we later named Mario, and a prince...


Unexpected, like pink flamingos.

So what happens when you use "Dark Blonde" hair dye on medium brown hair with a liberal sprinkling of gray? Well, apparently I'm now a redhead with dark auburn hair. It looks ok.. though a little darker than what I wanted, so I guess next...


I'll talk dirty to you...

Yeah, I'll game with you and talk dirty to you... for free! No need to go to Gamecrush.com! If you want me to talk about fun sexual positions.. how's about "our Squad leader has his head so far up his ass, he wouldn't know a FRAGO if it...


Free gas... and being a lady.

So... free gas. No, I'm not going to lend you my husband who also has free gas, but I've been playing MAG (apparently over 180 hours of it since it released) and I just vetted over to a new faction and I'm starting again as a level 1... ...


About Elsaone of us since 2:27 PM on 01.25.2009

I'm 55 years old. I'm female, a cancer survivor, happily married, and retired from the work force... and I spend way too much time gaming. I enjoy long walks on the beach, with a gun, sometimes with my husband - shooting n00bs.
I not only like to shoot people, I also enjoy cooking and crafting. Mostly I make my own armor in games like Skyrim and cook my own potions after a busy day of hacking and slashing my way through various critters, guards and bandits in most any WRPG game.

If you're into a threesome or foursome with a mature couple, then come join us - only be sure to bring a med kit. We're old, sometimes we fall down and can't get back up without some help!

PSN: Elsa
XBL: Elssa62
(I currently have an Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PSVita, a barely functioning PSP, and a variety of iOS/Android devices)

Recent Favorites:
MAG (over 2000 hours!)
Dragon's Dogma
Portal 1&2
Sacred 2
Demon Souls/Dark Souls
Bioshock series
Elder Scrolls Series (Oblivion and Skyrim)
Fallout series
Tomb Raider series
Dragon Age series
Resistance series
Killzone Series
Left 4 Dead 2
Mass Effect Series
Far Cry Series
Destiny (strangely addicting)

Some blogs I wrote that I like:

Fun Facts about Females
Casting Call: Chester the Skeleton
Help, Help! I'm being repressed
Girls with Guns
Guess the Gender
A Girl's Guide to FPS Gaming
Me and My Chainmail Bikini...
Adopt a Troll!
Fanboy Wars - the game!
Me and my digital dick
Invisibility of the older woman
Feminist Frequency and Relevance

Some of my Promoted C-Blogs:
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