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Don't Blame Pokemon Go For Your Bad Parenting


A woman in Pennsylvania is blaming the new mobile title Pokemon Go for her daughters new injuries. Tracy Nolan, the mother, said that Pokemon GO lead her daughter across a busy highway during rush hour. Fortunately, the 15-year-old girl survived the accident, and today remains in in the hospital with an injured collarbone, as well as cuts and bruises.

In the video interview, Nolan blames her daughters injuries on Pokemon Go.

"The Pokemon game took her across a major highway," Nolan said, and blamed the game for her child's injuries. "Please, parents, don't let your kids play this game."

Here's an idea. How about you stop blaming Pokemon Go for your own bad parenting. 

Pokemon Go is not responsible for your daughters injuries. You are. You gave her the phone. You enabled her. And your actions led to your daughter's injuries. Period.

Why haven't you taught your daughter that crossing a highway isn't safe? That sounds like common sense, but in her 15 years you apparently did not do a good-enough job drilling that in her head.

Until age 18, your daughter is your responsibility. Everywhere she goes, everything she does, comes back straight to you. In fact, unless your daughter works for money (which is unlikely for a 15-year-old), everything she owns is actually your property.

So, when she uses your phone, with your data, to play Pokemon, and doesn't have enough common sense not to cross a highway - you have one person and one person only to blame. Yourself.

Pokemon Go does not hold a gun up to your head and force you to walk across a highway. Pokemon Go isn't required to graduate from school or to get anywhere in life. It's just a game, and if you didn't do a good enough job teaching your child that a game isn't worth dying over, that's your own damn fault.

- Keep gaming real.

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