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My 3DS thoughts

Eh, the idea sounds cool enough, but I never liked 3D to much anyway. The glasses are a pain and... Wait what? YOU DON'T NEED GLASSES? I CAN PLAY EPIC GAMES ANYWHERE IN 3D WITHOUT GLASSES? Nuff said. Plus, this (hopefully) satisfies my ne...


Hi Again

(Alright, just a little more introduction/explanation. I'm well aware it's boring. This is the last of it.) Electric tapir is two part human one part chipmunk. That is to say the ET staff is Logan, (Me) Mark, (M friend) and Paparazzi Chipm...


Hi Destructiod

Hello, we are ElectricTapir, a faction of a underground society. Our main focus is humor, and we often bring up video games. We were draw to this site by Youtube video game reviewer Storm Dain. This account is linked to a youtube channel wh...


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Hello, we are ElectricTapir, a faction of a underground society working to stop 2012 More:https://www.youtube.com/user/ElectricTapir