On OSP: The best Fallout mods of 2018

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My tomcat needed 3 tries to get on top of the car. I don't what was going on there.


Well, Reddit is down right now and has been for a while today.


The Humble Store is having a big sale on Idea Factory games right now, including the Neptunia games.


Scully has the worst camouflage at night on my green lawn. My orange and mostly white fluffy cat sticks out like a lump of snow in late spring.


Jydge, why should I care about the random, useless civilian NPC's that just walk around and have less self-preservation instincts than Drumpf? Other than the ending, that is. I just slaughtered all the idiots in Artificial Park Rescue to make it easier.


Rooster Teeth made a joke on wave-particle duality. I expected a quantum physicist to make that joke.


Smithfield bacon leaves behind a lot more grease than Oscar Mayer bacon; the difference is large enough to cook a few more hash browns. Probably.


My calico cat Baset just brought in an adult vole for her kittens, and one of her tabby kittens is eating the vole. She's such a good hunter.


Wow, someone actually decided to enter that contest for that T-shirt. Colbert is awesome.


Organized and unorganized criminals keep showing up in gender bender manga as the protagonists. Well, this is weird.


Well, that's all of Fate/Apocrypha. For the most part, it was pretty good. Shakespeare's death was rather dull and insufficiently brutal, but on the flipside, some sympathetic characters did made it quite far.


Well, playing Jydge on the higher difficulties is totally worth it.


"Reunion & Separation" of Fate/Apocrypha was really weird. Characters not only went off-model, they used several different off-models. Did the money run low for this episode?


Get her a Tumblr and Twitter account. I am 100% sure absolutely nothing could possibly go wrong. I would bet Donald Trump's life on that.


In games with level select screens, do you prefer that the all the levels be displayed, but with locked missions having their names hidden, or locked missions being completely hidden from the screen until they're unlocked?


I can see why the Darksiders 2 Kingdoms that care the least about cleaning up Corruption have Trees of Death.


Death's mom in Darksiders 2 has jiggle physics. Given her name, I should have expected that.


Forged Battalion will be leaving Steam Early Access tomorrow on the 14th. I still think the game needs a lot more work, though. If you want to get the game cheaply, try the various game trading subReddits, as it was in the August Humble Monthly.


Well, that's the Soul Arbiter's Maze of Darksiders 2 done. It was dull, overly repetitive, and took far too long to beat, even with Wiki help and possessed weapons. The boss was overpowered and cheap. Worse, slain enemies don't give XP, items, or money.


Nintendo can go fuck themselves. The few alternatives they offer to emulators are overpriced and inferior to free emulators, and the old games are also overpriced. They need to embrace the modern age. Emuparadise was definitely one of the best websites.


Hmm, more PC Doom 4 players have fully upgraded all their Runes than fully upgraded all their weapons. That seems a bit odd since upgrading Saving Throw requires a player to get too close to death.


Thing-thing 2 logic: a clone of the MP5 is objectively better than a real MP5.


Hmm, it kinda seems like Voltron Legendary Defender Season 7 will be like a compressed version of Star Trek Voyager.


Epic Battle Fantasy 5 has been listed as coming soon on Steam, and going by the Does NOT feature section, the game clearly tells it knows it audience.


So, what happens if while playing a Fallout game, you kill EVERYONE; monsters, bandits, mutants, hostiles, friendlies, neutral NPC's, quest givers, etc.?


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