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Well, Hungry Marie and Hatsukoi Zombie ended/got axed. They both had rather meh endings, but at least Hungry Marie wasn't drastically prolonged through utter nonsense.


Yeesh, Fire Emblem Heroes has far too many sword heroes.


The guys that made Ashes of the Singularity are now working on a tower defense game!


Ever get into a vertical rolling scissors before?


Do mutant human clones bred as bio-weapons have souls? Context: Playing Killing Floor 2


Even a succubus would wear factory damaged jeans? *sigh*


The You vs Wild episode "Myth of the Abandoned Mine" has both fluffy sheep and Bear Grylls blowing stuff up. It's a pretty neat interactive series.


I was not expecting an indie space game like Arc Savior to through the player into multiple furballs (large dogfights between multiple fighter groups) in a single level. Exciting, but dang.


Millions of dollars of fines for causing so much misery is a slap on the wrist for Perdue. The people at the top responsible for this crisis belong in prison.


Currently watching Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell. The main character made a comment about a DARPA project involving cyborg insects, which appears to be real. I thought that was just random nonsense.


More Black Hole-chan fan art! That's a really nice background in panel 2.


So, it seems like Enter the Gungeon has a lot of joke weapons. 2 t-shirt guns and a literal peashooter are part of what I've found so far. I'm hoping miniguns and laser rifles will appear.


So, the main characters in Pacific Rim did decide on using a bomb to fight the kaiju. Good. I like it when movie characters take the sensible option. That wall was a really stupid idea. Great movie.


Valfaris now has a Steam demo! Also, the game has changed a bit since the version shown in the video.


So, even a harem comedy anime has Drumpf's campaign slogan show up? Ugh, gross. Bernie Sanders take the wheel.


Watched all of Hellsing classic. It was pretty good, though I can see why most people prefer Ultimate. The ending and the middle were...weird.


M87* Powehi (the first black hole we have an image of) might have once been a quasi-star long ago. We can see the cosmic background radiation, and if quasi-stars were real, maybe we'll see one of them too.


Heh, a firebreathing giant cockroach with predator teeth. Keep it weird, El Goonish Shive.


Someone took the title of this song too literally, and made a SCP object out of it. Said SCP grants its performer virtual invincibility while successfully performing the dance after completing the early part of it.


We interrupt our regularly scheduled waifuposting to bring you this breaking news bulletin: Steve Mnuchin is an idiot.


More Black Hole-chan fan art. This time from a well known RWBY fan artist.


The devs released some gameplay footage of Prodeus! Also, their Kickstarter is still active and getting closer to reaching the goal.


Interesting moe anthropomorphization of a black hole. I like how the artist used the first image of a black hole as part of the eyes.


Okay, I have to admit that is a pretty cool looking missile, though the turbofans seem excessive.


Fuck Pearson Education. Schools should buy their textbooks from less shitty companies.


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I am into sci-fi, supernatural, and mecha anime/TV shows/movies/games. I don't care that much about photorealism, unless it drags the gameplay down.

Over the years, I have seen a lot of stupid/unwanted things in the video game industry. Online passes for multiplayer, on-disc downloadable content, day one DLC in Mass Effect 3, pre-order bonuses for Brink, multiple versions of Evolve, collector's edition for the first Watch Dogs game, microtransactions in Dead Space 3, and more. I have also seen things that get in the way of the customer accessing the game they legally bought. SecuROM in Crysis, Games For Windows Live in Red Faction Guerilla (removed over a year ago) SecuROM AND GFWL in Bioshock 2 (both removed years ago), always online DRM in Dead Space 2, Origin in Mass Effect 3, and Denuvo anti-tamper in Doom 4 (it might not get in the way of playing the game but I still have a deep-seated hatred for it). Why does the game industry keep doing this crap? Is ticking off your customers with these draconian measures really worth a week or a few months of zero piracy?