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Shadow Complex Review


But moving to the more technical part with the visuals, the animations often look stiff, since Nolan North jumps 6 feet in the air when you press A. The running animation looks off and forced, and enemies die in overly flamboyant fashion. But toss in the overly precise aiming reticle, and the fact that you fight metal spiders, I am convinced that the developers were not trying to make any statement regarding murder, and just wanted a fun game, but then they tied it in with a book that�s trying to be serious. This is something that I want to ignore, since you kill a thousand men single handedly and get cured of your facial shrapnel by eating first aid kits, but this is bordering on bad tastes. However, it is just bordering and never really does cross the line due to its mechanics, which, while never denied by the narrative, do make it seem all the sillier.

And with that out of the way, I can conclude that Shadow Complex is a very well polished, well-structured, and overall fun title. While I am still bugged by the narrative immersion breaking aspect, the game is still a lot of fun to blast through, to the point where I do not even notice the idea of it getting boring after I play it at least once every year. It is a pleasure, a fairly glitchy, and sometimes generic feeling pleasure, but it is a wonderfully well crafted title regardless of its relatively small team and short development time.

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