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Darksiders II Review


And yes, I could complain about Death, the controller of life as we know it, pushing a ball into a socket, but just having combat would be the definition of one note. But the puzzles are still of good quality, and they don’t get super repetitive throughout the 18 or so dungeons. Yeah, there’s about 18 smaller dungeons in this game, as opposed to the 4 massive temples in Darksiders. Oh, and the super move is still pretty pointless, since it only lasts 15 seconds and takes a bit too long to charge up again. I get empowerment, but Death is not recognizable in his super form, so it creates a feeling similar to the super guide.

As a whole, there is a lot to like about Darksiders II. The characters are interesting and wonderfully voiced. The gameplay is frantic and fun, with enough variety in the 40 hours I spent on it. The world is unique and imaginative. The soundtrack had a very nice sense of scope. And the RPG mechanics added only added to the experience. The story can be jumbled, the collectables can be a pain to get, and there are times when I get peeved at the camera, but those are just minor bits that only happen 5% or less during my time with the game, as opposed to the first game, which had them happen about 25% of the time. Darksiders II will not set your world on fire, but it is a well designed and fun game that manages to stay unique despite borrowing from countless other IPs.

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